My Pride Is Bulletproof: A Queer Puerto Rican on Life After Orlando

I may not be bulletproof, but my pride is.

Repeating Islands

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.31.25 PM.pngShooting at Pulse nightclub was an act of terror meant to keep LGBT people in the shadows, Eliel Cruz writes for Rolling Stone.

It could have been me. I could have had my body riddled with bullets, my blood spilled, clothes drenched, crawling for my life on the dance floor of a gay bar.

I had just returned from a Brooklyn gay bar, my queer friends and I dancing with drag queens to celebrate Brooklyn Pride, when I opened Twitter and saw that another shooting was taking place. As I sat on my bed refreshing my timeline trying to find facts it quickly became clear the victims of America’s latest mass violence were Latinx – a gender neutral term for the Latino community – queer individuals.

Forty-nine black and brown queer and allied bodies slain under disco lights by a gunman wielding an assault rifle. Bodies that were once…

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Day 1: The Three Days Quote Challenge

The Three Days quote challenge comes to me from Yert K.

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Art by Rob Goldstein

Author unknown

Know you 4th Amendment Rights

Know your rights

Let Our Voices Echo


4th Amendment

If police flag you down, pull over immediately, turn off your car, and place your hands on the wheel. When the officer asks for your license and registration, give it to them. If you’re ordered to exit the vehicle, do so immediately. But if the officer tries to use your traffic violation as a basis for a further investigation, minor traffic violations (e.g. speeding, broken tail-light or expired registration) these ARE NOT CONSIDERED PROBABLE CAUSE.

Most police are able to exploit a major loophole to the probable cause search requirement by tricking you into giving up your constitutional rights. REMAIN SILENT: What you don’t say can’t hurt you but anything you do say can and will be used against you. Don’t announce you know your rights. They consider it a challenge.

Police attempt to make you to admit to braking a law “You don’t mind if I…

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In Memory Of The Charleston, South Carolina Mass Church Shooting Victims By A Racist Terrorist!

We have more in common then we care to know…becoming the targets of a mass shooting is just one of them.


charleston shooting victims

A Nation That Has Never Let Love In

In a land that time has forgotten
 there lives a people of a much lighter hue.
 They rock back and forth on the porch
 and sip from a bottle of Mountain Dew.

But in this land that time has forgotten,
 there are others with a dark skin tone
 who simply try and go about their business.
And they just want to be left the hell alone.

Though innocent of any wrong doing,
 since they never asked to be here,
 they worshipped the god of another
 who said believe and never know fear.

So, on a hot southern night in June
 in the old weeping willow tree,
 the birds became quiet as the grave
 and no hum could be heard from a bee.

Hate slithered right up to the door
 of a church and was welcomed inside,
 where there was prayer and love…

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