Art by Rob Goldstein

Homophobes are Gay

Originally posted Jun 22, 2016, as We are Everywhere for Pride Week

Updated to reflect Trump choice of Sam Clovis for the Department of Agriculture

“This might be the most important song you’ll ever hear.”

Found at the Internet Archives.

“The Homophobes Song (Homophobes Are Gay)
by Tommy


Art by Rob Goldstein
Homophobes are Gay





17 thoughts on “Homophobes are Gay

  1. I used to think if you were gay you didn’t need to be OUT but then I thought what if we all were OUT then wouldn’t it be easier or more accepted? If some of us stay in, then isn’t that a bit like a selfish choice? I don’t know. I only know blacks can’t hide their skin color maybe queers shouldn’t either. Easier said than done though, as it’s absurd to think we’re accepted. I once didn’t tell my employer, I heard such things because they assumed, I was ‘one of them’ and it really horrified me.

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      1. Exactly. I felt better when I could be honest but it didn’t mean I condemned those who were unable to do it. These days you can still lose your job or have a hellish life if you come out, people don’t realize that, progress has only gone so far.

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      2. The decision to be out means that you to forego the safety that society offers those who conform. I think that much of what we call bigotry is little more than a refusal to share common resources.


  2. I was going to comment on something he sang about the origin of sex in people re the 12 week of pregnancy but as funny as it is, (the joke) it ill becomes a priest so I’ll just get stomach cramps keeping it to myself.

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  3. Love the image, Robert, and the song. Despite the tragedies, the world is getting closer to love, freedom, kindness, and joy on this subject. It will be wonderful when it goes away and people can just love who they love.

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