What I Love Most about Trumpy and His People

They tell us what they really think:

Art by Rob Goldstein
(Credit: Rick Tyler for Congress)

A fringe independent candidate for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District erected a giant “Make America White Again” billboard this week that he claims was inspired by the signature tagline of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.


Forever Grateful

A shout out from Daisy in the Willows who is also just married!

Daisy in the willows

It is that time again. More SHOUT OUTS  for all the new  fabulous flowers/followers who have taken a chance on Daisy in the Willows.This is my  time to express my gratitude in the best way I know.

It also is a chance to get to know your Blogs more personally. I do go and check out each and every single one of your blogs when I gather my SHOUT OUT list.


It is a great way to keep connected and keep moving forwards – speaking of moving forwards, another week has passed.  In 9 days time I will be a  married flower!


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Suigeneris Shaili- A Unique style. Writing words with Wit

The Tony Burgess Blog- A Homepage About All Things T-Bird, And Other Stuff Too!

Inner Ramblings Boulevard: Winding road of passions — music, spirituality, poetry, erotica and other thoughts.    

Decoding Bipolar- Awareness…

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Dreamer’s World June 23 2016 – Nothing Changes with the media

A simple recommendation to eliminate mass shootings

Dreamer9177's Blog


I just heard that there has been another mass shooting. It happened in Germany at a cinema. Undoubtedly the media will once again lead the charge to hype the event without ever addressing the real problem, and that is the problem with the proliferation of guns around the world.


The republiKKKans will scream that the tragedy in Germany proves that gun control doesn’t work because that h is how they are progammed by their masters to respond. The fact that mass shootings occur in the US at an exponentially greater rate than the rest of the world convveniently escapes them every time. I am no expert on German gun laws and policy, but I suspect that they are more rigorous than here in the USA. Again, the main issue is being ignored and that is the problem of guns being available to people who want them in order…

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Sit In

It’s not about Islamic Terrorism or Guns. It’s about arrogant and greedy American born men and women who place us all in harms way for personal gain.

Suburban Hobo

It took an old man from Georgia
whose skull was cracked
by the cudgel of prejudice
on “Bloody Sunday,” 1965,
to force the speaker down
even if he would not hear

The speaker called the sit in
a “publicity stunt,”
debasing the act with
a catchall phrase

We are not blind,
Mr. Speaker.
We are not deaf.
You will not silence
the will of the just,
the pure-hearted.
We see through
your icy smile

You have blood
on your hands

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