Why Can’t You Just Be Normal?

I’ve never been normal….

A Life Of Mental Illness


I admit I have never been what most people would consider normal.  I have been much bigger and physically stronger than most people I know most of my life.  I have usually been one of the smartest people in every group I’ve been part of.  Smarts and strength do not ‘normally’ go together, at least not according to popular stereotype.  I have also always been one of those rare kids who never stopped asking ‘why’ to everything.  I just turned thirty six years old and I still ask ‘why’ to everything just like I did when I was eight years old.

I’m sure most of you who are parents and have dealt with grade school children get asked ‘why’ to everything.  Why is the sky blue?  Why is the grass green?  Why did my dog die?  Why do people fight wars? Why do people dump toxic sludge into the ocean?…

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5 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Just Be Normal?

  1. I have always considered myself at least normal unto myself, consistent unto myself, which I have recently found to be sufficient for myself. While unfortunately that doesn’t change the noise around me, it does help me weather the storm sometimes. Hmm, i forgot the point I was trying to make. Don’t be normal. That will only get you exactly where you think it will get you.

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