Time To Put “OM” Blogger Jason Cushman In The “Hot Seat!”

Good interview with OM

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Hey, look! “It’s a bird, it’s a Plane! NO, It’s SUPER JASON!!


Yes, this Cape Crusader is one of the most “Popular WordPress bloggers I know. So, I thought it was high time to put Jason Cushman of ‘The Opinionated Man’ ON THE HOT SEAT!



Now I know many bloggers, friends, and visitors may know Jason from his awesome blogs, over at  HarsH ReaLiTy | A Good Blog is Hard to Find ….

Sometimes I get confused, but at age 53 I am told that is due to hovering in “old age.” Jason has loads of happenings going on over on his blog with a gazillion names like OM, HarsH ReaLiTy, Opinionated Man, and, OH, A Good Blog Is Hard To Find? So I ask? Which The Hell is it Jason? LOL. LOL. So, I am hoping you will learn a wee bit more about…

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