When they lie about you (because they will)

They will make things up and will drag your name through the mud, as well as dragging everyone/everything that you love right along with you. Why? Basically, because they are bad people. Rotten, horrible people.

Forest – for Leda


                       Forest – for Leda

I dedicate this to my friend Linda at Nutsrok, and to her new Granddaughter.

When I finished the landscape, Linda and her Granddaughter came to mind.

I thought the picture might be a bit dark but it is also full of light.

The light gives depth to the forest — In that way it reflects the magic of life.

There is always a light to guide us if we are willing to see it.

Congratulations to this new life.

May she always find the light.

Rob Goldstein





Mental Health Monday: Anxiety Disorders

Good info on anxiety disorders

Welcome to our second edition of Mental Health Mondays! If you missed week one you can find the link here.

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Ten Commandments Especially for Us

A great post from Nutstrok

The Gospel According to Daddy

tenDaddy was “the Boss.” God put him in charge, so we didn’t have to worry about what God wanted.  If we had any questions, we could go straight to Daddy.  He always had a Bible verse at the ready to back him up, if needed.  Most of them sounded suspiciously fresh-coined and self-serving, lacking book, chapter, and verse. Not having memorized the entire Bible, it was hard to prove they didn’t exist, like the one that forbade men to milk cows, “You cannot take what you cannot give.” Please. You didn’t have to be a heathen to see through that one.  Actually, Daddy anticipated our needs, requiring no effort on our part.  Permission to visit a friend, attend a school activity, or socialize had to come from Daddy.


Well, this is not strictly true.  Mother was free to say, “No” any time she chose. …

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