Friends… An Evening Prayer

The Spirit of Reconciliation

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

There is family which is yours by blood

There is family which is yours by the Spirit

The Spirit of Love

The Spirit of Equality

The Spirit of Reconciliation

The Spirit of Restoration

The Spirit of Peace

For this family, O Lord, I give you thanks

For the hope in the midst of hopelessness

I give you thanks!

For this world You have created

For this world You have created

For this world You love

For this world, hear my prayer

Dona Nobis Pacem

Grant Us Peace

A wee prayer from the heart of your contemplative Padre../

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Questions and more questions

Excellent political commentary from Keith.


I have written before that we do not ask enough or the right questions of our leaders and candidates. Why, what, how, when, where, how long and how much? If we would just ask the why questions more, we would be far better off.

Here are a few to ask:

Why have we not made changes to gun governance since the significant majority of Americans want certain measures?

What do you plan to do about our $19 Trillion plus debt problem, especially with the interest burden becoming such a big part of our $4 Trillion annual budget?

Why are we not doing even more to combat climate change (or in the case of some, why are you blocking climate change actions)?

Why are we not funding Planned Parenthood even more, when they help reduce unwanted pregnancies through education and birth control thus reducing abortions and healthcare costs based on actual…

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Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

More on DID

Labeled Disabled


After ten years of therapy, I was taken by surprise with a new diagnosis. I was expecting to begin my EMDR therapy for rape trauma; but instead my therapist diagnosed me with DID, formerly known as MPD, multiple personality disorder.

She explained that there are three phases of therapy; 1) Stabilization, 2) Dissociation and 3) Trauma. Reassuring me that I’ve done a wonderful job at stabilizing; Once stabilized, we then started to delve into trauma, using EMDR therapy. This is where the disassociation presented itself. First as a frightened child, then an angry teen, then later two different aged self beaters. One ten years old, the other in her twenties.

With my prior therapist, we had sessions embracing my inner child and my inner teen. Therefore, I thought the appearance of these other selves was the same kind of therapy; but, technically DID is the appearance of two or more personalities.

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