The Best Selfies Ever!!!

The best selfies ever



I CANNOT be the only one who loves this. This is the only type of selfie I am prepared so far not to look on with withering contempt! 🙂

Allan Dixon has a habit of coaxing animals into a posing for selfies with him all around the world. Unlike the abysmal morons who have killed swans and dolphins trying to take pictures with them, Mr Dixon will wait however long it takes to gain their trust, from minutes to ass-numbing hours, sitting there waiting for them to come up to him!

Do you have any faves?

Mine keep changing!funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-10funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-11

‘Wait..can we do another one? I had my eyes closed.’funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-12funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-13

Is this the happiest animal on the planet?funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-16


Is THIS the happiest animal on the planet?funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-23

‘Hey! This is MY thing!’funny-animal-selfies-allan-dixon-261

You snooze, you lose Pal.selfie-master-dr-dolittle-28

‘Stop that nonsense and give your ole Auntie a kiss!’selfie-master-dr-dolittle-29

‘Nessun Dorma! Nessun Dorma!’

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21 thoughts on “The Best Selfies Ever!!!

  1. What a lovely man! Thank you for posting this : )
    I like the fifth one down with the little -is it? I’m not sure- groundhog!

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  2. I’m not denying it is a epic selfie. I just want to say feeding birds/ducks etc is not good for their stomach- Better to feed them bird seed – sorry about the downer comment- other than that let the duck feed man bread!

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