9 thoughts on “Why Mental Illness Is Stigmatised in Asian Cultures: My Struggle With Anxiety

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I wrote this article with a lot of heart, and hopefully more of us will find the courage and speak up about mental illness.


      1. Absolutely. Some people consider it inappropriate to use blogging to discuss these personal issues. I see the blog as a political tool and an open and personal discussion of how political decisions affect and degrade the quality of life for people with mental illnesses as a political act. I’m glad you’re blogging from your perspective.

        Ignorance is not an option.


      2. Totally agree with you on your perspective on blogging. Blogging is a free space and we shouldn’t be afraid of talking about things that are not often talked about in the mainstream. And because of that, we can get so many more opinions and experiences about mental illness on here.

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