Democrats Don’t Have to Lie

Republican’s have lies about Hillary’s email and lies about Benghazi.

We have Republicans

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‘Hillary Clinton absolutely destroying Mike Pence’

The difference between Republicans and Democrats: “We all want our President to succeed!”

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Retrenching into silos is the exact opposite of what is needed

From the enlightened musingsofanoldfart


With the advent of more terrorists activities around the globe and the significant refugee crisis, nationalistic and jingoistic behaviors have taken more solid footing. With the backlash in some European countries, the Brexit vote and the rise of Donald Trump as an unlikely candidate for US President, show that protectionism is selling these days as a concept. These folks want to build actual and proverbial walls, rather than bridges.

Yet, that is precisely the wrong behavior needed. These so-called leaders feel if we segregate and retrench into our own little worlds, this cocooning will make everything better. What these so-called leaders fail to tell you is the significant benefits with being aligned, working together and doing commerce with each other. Economic trade breaks down barriers, as countries do not want to upset the financing of their economy and will work past governing differences.

President Abraham Lincoln did not coin this…

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