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  1. Please take a few minutes to watch this (it is about 4 1/2 minutes) as it is well worth it. This may be the most diplomatic and convincing response to a “gotcha” question I have ever witnessed. It is posed by then Congressman Mike Pence to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is the same Pence who is Indiana Governor and soon to be Trump running mate.

    This is pretty compelling as it reveals a clear light of day in experience and understanding.


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    1. Keith. This is an important video. In this video illustrates everything that is wrong with the GOP. When the people vote the country is expected to UNITE because we want out President to succeed. She did this when she ‘trusted’ George Bush and supported his decision on Iraq.

      The opposition party is not expected to do everything in it’s power to drag the man who leads our country down.

      It’s expected to STFU and unite with the President for the good of the nation.

      This willingness to place political party above the will of the people is the difference between a republican and a democrat.

      I re-shared the video…Thank you for alerting me to it.

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      1. Thanks Rob. The fact that she is citing examples of when Reagan and Nixon met with previous adversaries shows how far the party – as evidenced by Pence’s question – has fallen. For all the bad Nixon did, establishing a relationship with China was a monumental achievement.

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      2. Had Nixon not made the mistake of approving Watergate he would have entered history as one of our greatest Presidents. Most people don’t know that the largest expansion of New Deal/Great Society programs took place under Nixon. There was a time when being a republican meant placing the needs of the country first. There was a time when republicans understood that an equitable distribution of essential resources made everyone richer and was good for business and made the nation stronger. I’m not sure I know what happened to the republican party but this I do know: the people I see and hear who call themselves republicans today sound exactly like the racist Dixicrats who lived in the South of my childhood.

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      3. He even enacted the EPA. But, his history of underhandedness was not just Watergate. He has always been a little slimy in one way or another.

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      4. It’s too bad. And even ironic.

        In 1972 the public demanded his head for lying about his complicity in illegal activities.

        How interesting.

        I suppose our National silence regarding what we know about the Invasion of Iraq is in proportion to the magnitude of the crime.

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  2. I laughed at your thought and then really laughed at the animated logo! OMG
    I cannot believe he has an idiotic logo, does none of his followers have a brain at all?!

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