#WhatYouDontSee : The Darker Side of Chronic Illness

The darker side of chronic illness is ugly and harsh. It’s deeply personal and utterly terrifying to put out there, but knowing that I’m not alone, in my struggle with chronic illness or in sharing #whatyoudontsee, gives me strength enough to do this.

Chronically Chaos

The #WhatYouDontSee movement was originally started to showcase the unspoken realities of living with anxiety and depression. Then I saw that our friend over at Perfectly Ambitiousdid her own twist on the idea, including chronic illness in the movement, which can be found here.

As someone living with a chronic illness and chronic pain, I frequently find myself in the midst of my own unspoken realities. There are so many emotions and symptoms that we keep buried from the rest of the world for any number of reasons. Chronic illness is often accompanied by intense guilt and shame over the things we can’t control no matter how hard we try to and for many of us, the symptoms of our illnesses are invisible. This all too often leads to sufferers being labeled as drug seekers, liars or fakers, and being treated as such only makes matters worse.


We have…

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