Short Haired Yellow Bellied Sons of Tricky Dicky

Sadly, everything old is new again…

Art by Rob Goldstein
San Francisco Financial District, January 6, 2012

No short haired yellow bellied son of tricky dicky’s
Gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocket full of hope
Money for dope, money for rope


John Lennon-Gimme Some Truth




In the South of my Childhood (part two)

Back from the ShadowsIn the South of my Childhood

One of the benefits of blogging one’s story is that readers often shape the way the story is told.

Someone asked me how it is that there was no one to prevent the beating that day at the school bus stop.

That’s a good question; my history of trauma sounds so unbelievable that even I don’t even believe it.

I think it is easy to forget that humans normalize brutality.

2015 Washington Post op-ed headline: ‘End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay.

“The American Enterprise Institute’s  Michael Strain says in the Washington Post that if the government really cared about keeping people from dying the speed limit would be 10 miles per hour. The speed limit goes higher than 10 mph, so the government should be fine yanking health care from millions of people.”

To the GOP getting breast Cancer or diabetes is the same as driving fast and crashing into another car.

The only reference point I have for this absurd line of reasoning is from the film, Airplane, “I say let ’em crash!”

Mr. Strain goes on to say that, “In a world of scarce resources, a slightly higher mortality rate is an acceptable price to pay for certain goals.”

There they go again, discussing the citizens of the United States as if we were old farm animals ready to be put down; to massa there ain’t no difference between a slave and an old cow.

You can be damned sure that Mr. Strain ain’t laying his ass on the line to achieve those certain goals.

There is certainly no scarcity of resources for rich freeloaders.

But I’m not concerned about adults.

Adults are the problem and if a bunch of racists are so stupid that they blindly choose people who manipulate their misguided rage then I say let ’em crash!

But their children don’t deserve to die from an accident of birth .

No child deserves to die from poverty when our scarce resources are so easily and readily diverted to Dick Cheney and every other GOP hack who has cheated his way into Congress.

This is from a 2009 Los Angeles Times article on medical benefits for members and former members of Congress:

Before you read it, know that John Boehner’s net worth is $3,588,556.

“Given their choices, lawmakers can tailor coverage in a way most Americans cannot. If a child has asthma, for instance, a federal employee might opt for coverage that costs a little more but has a bigger doctor network and lower office-visit fees.

The plan most favored by federal workers is Blue Cross Blue Shield, which covers a family for about $1,030 a month. Taxpayers kick in $700, and employees pay the rest. Seeing a doctor costs $20. Generic prescriptions cost $10. Immunizations are free. There is no coverage limit.

Federal employees also enjoy a significant benefit denied the average American: There is no such thing as a preexisting condition, which keeps many sick people from obtaining insurance. Once hired, federal workers are eligible for coverage no matter their health, with no waiting period.”

LA Times 2009

I wonder where John Boehner ‘s name is on Michael Strain’s list of U.S. citizens we must sacrifice to his gods of greed and artificial scarcity?

So, how is it that there was no one to prevent the beating that day at the school bus stop?

I think this answers the question:

Liberal Hunting Liscense

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