Short Haired Yellow Bellied Sons of Tricky Dicky

Sadly, everything old is new again…

Art by Rob Goldstein
San Francisco Financial District, January 6, 2012

No short haired yellow bellied son of tricky dicky’s
Gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocket full of hope
Money for dope, money for rope


John Lennon-Gimme Some Truth




12 thoughts on “Short Haired Yellow Bellied Sons of Tricky Dicky

    1. We’ve been at War in the States since the battles ended in the 1800’s.

      The Civil Rights Movement of 1960’s was really just another escalation of a war that never ends.

      We delude ourselves into thinking that the ruling class of a region whose “cultural heritage’ includes
      not being all that keen on Independence and then seceded in order to sustain the ‘institution’ of slavery
      is simply going to accept the premise that everyone ‘deserves’ a chance to fully participate in the
      cultural and economic life of the community.

      Now we in the States are in a curious position.

      Our government has never been more colored by the Confederate
      Vision of Democracy for the few.

      It’s ok to have a vision.

      I don’t want to live in a democracy that caters to only the rich.

      But that makes me the ‘enemy’ the people with whom I disagree.

      And that’s how you can tell that this election is not about politics.

      It is about which vision of Democracy the American people will accept
      or allow themselves to be bullied into accepting.

      I don’t think Hillary Clinton fully reflects my vision of equality, but
      she understands it and she does not see those who oppose her opinion
      as the enemy.

      That makes her a member of the Union.

      That makes her a chance to take the government
      back from the confederacy so that we can use
      it to improve our lives.


    1. I wonder if the nihilism that emerged in the mid-1970’s is a factor in this mess. At the time, I wondered how young people who didn’t believe in a future and who responded with contempt to the coomunitarianism of the 1960’s would behave as adults. The early punk movement had a violent streak which was shortly displaced in the media by New Wave which combined the style of mid-60’s rock with the nihilist sensibility of punk. David Byrne did it brilliantly.

      I do get the sense that the last thing people in the States want is a future with a vision to which they have to be responsible. This may be why we as a public choose to focus on the incidental minutiae of hearsay and lies and the shapes of rich people’s asses.

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      1. Most of those folks are in their late 50’s early 60’s. I can’t help but note that some of the people in the GOP crowd looked like old punkers and metal heads.

        No slam on old punkers and metal heads in general intended.

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