The Blogger Recognition Award

Art by Rob Goldstein

The Blogger Recognition Award comes to me from Life of An el Paso Woman and laurewolflives

Thank you to Lisa from Life of an El Paso Woman and Laurelwolflives for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award.

The rules of this award are:


  1. Explain how and why you started this blog.
  2. Offer advice to new bloggers.
  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.

    I started this blog in earnest in the fall of 2014.I was in a battle with Kaiser over its shabby treatment of people with chronic mental illnesses. So my first posts had to do with advocating for better care from Kaiser’s department of ‘behavioral health’.

    My blog eventually evolved to include my photography and writing.

    Two years later I feel healthier and more in charge of my life and now I want to expand the blog to sell my photography.

    I’ve also joined the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network which is a network of professional bloggers who write about different types of chronic illness.

    My advice to new bloggers, especially people with chronic illnesses is patience and persistence.

    You will see plenty of advice about building your readership and about increasing the number of comments and views you get.

    You may see timelines that show you how many readers and comments you should have as your blog evolves.

    Obviously we want people to see our art and to read what we write, but for people with chronic illnesses the timeline may be longer. When it comes to writing about mental illness strength is the courage to know when it’s time to take a break.

    Most of the bloggers I’ve met on WordPress are gracious, kind and supportive.

    Always share a post that inspires you.

    Tell people what you liked about a post that moved you to make a comment.

    It’s also ok to say nothing at all.

    Always respond to comments on your blog even if it takes you a day or two.

    Always return visits to your blog but know that as your blog grows it will
    be impossible to track everything all the time.

    There are dozens of ways to let people know that you care.

    For some people blogging is a business and for other people blogging a way of breaking isolation.

    At some point you may decide that your blog is both.

    My last piece of advice is this: The internet is just like the streets of most cities. There are good people out there and there are predators who will try to tear you down. The best way to deal with people who want to tear you down is to ignore them.

    There are too many good people who deserve your attention.

    Thank you, again to Lisa and Laurel for this award.

    I nominate the following bloggers for this award. They are under no obligation to take part.



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24 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

    1. Thanks for the comment. You can call me Rob. My therapist discourages separate names because ‘we’ are one person regardless of how it feels inside. In fact, when they start to use their own names and avatars it’s a sign that the system is triggered and stressed. All that by way of saying you can call me Rob, or you can call me Bob, but don’t call me late on 420…:)

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      1. I like the name Rob very much, so I think I’ll call you That just for fun but never late for dinner. xxx ooo ~~dru~~

        I you read a post of mine in the Angry category; then you know I’m stressed but many others mean I’m stressed too. You can call me anything you want but dru is what I normally use. Rhymes with “hey you”, “lou…my “HE’s” X, Sue, True, Jew and doesn’t rhyme with Ruth which is what my Vietnamese friends seem to be saying when they call my name. ~~dru~~

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  1. Oh Rob Thank you so much for the nomination. I was off-line for a couple of weeks due to my own mental illnesses (My dear but toxic friend; Al K. Hall, Depression & Anxiety, and to be honest, ANGER) plus trying to hand feed baby kittens and dog sitting my sister’s 3 dogs in a Condo; so I’m just now “catching up”.

    I’m honored by your nomination and will participate, probably this weekend after some thought. My blogs are not usually “thought out” so I want to take some time with this. ~~dru~~

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  2. You deserved this double award nomination and think your list is a fine one, Rob. Take care and hope your week stays on an “even keel,” happy and yet balanced. Hugs, Robin

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  3. Wonderful answers and advice..thoughtful and practical. Congratulations, it’s well deserved x

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  4. This was honestly the best acceptance speech and answer I have read coming from anyone who has accepted this award. You remind me that we are only human and it’s ok not to get everything done – we all have our own issues and life to deal with. Highly inspiring. Congrats Rob.

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