Art by Rob Goldstein

“We don’t look to be ruled!”

When it comes to political discourse I don’t tolerant dogma, smears,
or self-indulgent ideologues.

I want to hear ‘opinions’ that are supported by evidence I can find
beyond the fringes of Brietbart and The Militant

I have no respect for people who are too lazy to think for themselves.

I have no patience for people who repeat the talking points and character
assassinations on Fox News.

Your uninformed opinion is not equal to an informed opinion,
and opinions aren’t news.

If you have to lie to make your point you don’t have one.

If you have to cheat to win your game you’ve lost.

These basic norms of behavior are clear to most thinking

I don’t engage with Trump supporters because I don’t
believe they exist.

As far as I’m concerned people posting as Trump supporters
are either paid Russian operatives or mindless AI programs.

I refuse believe that real Americans are so blindly stupid.

Rob Goldstein, 2017

On edit: This post uses hyperbole to make a point although if I have to
explain it, it didn’t work. I know that a minority of Americans support
Trump. These are the same people who believe that gay men are gay
because they have a clitoris in their throats. 







13 thoughts on ““We don’t look to be ruled!”

    1. I think people are slowly beginning to understand that this election decides the fate of our country. It isn’t about shades of left or right. This election is about who we are as a people. There is nothing in Hillary Clinton’s agenda that deviates from the Progressive Tradition. I was discussing shades of liberalism with a friend and I said, Progressives have forgotten that Congress has more power than the President because we don’t elect a king. It’s insane that progressives sit out mid-terms or don’t vote in local elections. If we’ve got a centrist democrat as President and we want her to go left you we send her a left leaning Congress. It’s all about the mandate. Trump will use a marginal win to cause havoc. Hillary has to win in a landslide. The people have to give her a Democratic House and Senate. The World isn’t looking to Obama; it’s looking to us.


  1. I’m actually quite scared for Americans. I am just praying that he does not get elected to become the President. With his actions that instil fears and harsh decision could actually lead to another war. That is how Hitler got elected by instilling fear to the citizens of USSR. I just hope that history doesn’t repeat itself. Much love ❤

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    1. Thank you Izrael. I find the situation frightening too. I was mystified as to how the Nation that gave us Beethoven sank to the squalid mentality of mass murder. I hope that Americans are smart enough to understand their responsibilities to themselves and the rest of the World.

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