28 thoughts on “these sad sights

    1. Yes…Mostly…I don’t think one ever overcomes witnessing scenes of human brutality. Unfortunately I’m not a billionaire banker who is too big to fail. I don’t get to destroy the lives of the elderly and disabled while flying above the stench and humiliation. It’s either stay indoors and or go out and try to keep my soul as I pass the hundreds of people left to die in the well swept gutters of San Francisco.


  1. It was hard to click on the “like” button because I dislike all the horror you’ve endured, but you express your pain with tenderness. It’s the quality of being vulnerable that makes you sensitive to the pain and love of others. So here is a message of hope being sent to you – may you heal and know peace.

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    1. I love your question. I’m so smiling right now. 🙂

      I’ve been so switchy because new stuff is going on in therapy. I’ve had to drop all of my projects because I’m here and then I’m not and it happens without warning. I look up and the day is gone and don’t know what I’ve done. But this is all part of making horrible wonderful progress; I guess this is the horrible part. 🙂


  2. The intense pain just comes right through when I read the poem. The emotions were deep and heartfelt. The sad nights are indeed the what goes through my mind endlessly. Much love.

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      1. That’s an awful lot to handle, too much for some people. It’s testament to your inner strength that you are here, you are passionate and creative. So, yes, it’s fine to be erratic- be kind to yourself.

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      2. I think the DID is how I survive.

        Maybe this degree of DID is as good as it gets.

        I think that one of the stresses of getting older is that I must accept
        that I will not be free of this illness.

        Acceptance requires faith that I am doing what God intended for me to do.

        Without my faith I would die.

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