Eight years ago tomorrow, I was exactly where I was meant to be

Happy Anniversary!

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imageEight years ago tomorrow, I stood at the altar, watching as my wife crossed the courtyard toward the church. I remember smiling so much my cheeks hurt; I remember the pride and appreciation I felt knowing I was about to be her husband; and I remember a momentary breeze lifting a strand of hair away from her face, like God’s finger gently brushing it aside as she entered the chapel.

As with any rare occasion when we don’t enter a room together, our eyes found each other immediately. So much was said to each other during that long walk to the altar, not in words, but spoken between our two hearts — in a language we had been fluent in from the moment we met.

Oct. 28, 2006:
My search for a red rose after making the hour-long drive to Salem for our first date had put me behind. Coupled with…

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Meet and Greet Fridays… Week #23

Quiet Room

Art by Rob Goldstein
Quiet Room

“Great Hera’s Ghost!” shouts Nurse Gabriel. “You’ve been
asleep all day!”

He blows taps; the quiet room cracks

and opens.

Nurse Gabriel loosens my straps:

“How like an animal in a trap.” he says. “They
chew their legs off you know.”

Applause! Applause! From the Quiet room!

His hands can barely control themselves.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved


Those of us with DID learn to live cooperatively or die.

The Daedalus

As someone who experiences a degree of multiplicity, I can tell you that there are benefits to feeling what someone else is feeling.

If one of my selves is hurting or very much against doing something, I reason with them and try to help them feel better. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I wind up needing a self-care day. When one part of me is affected, it affects my whole being. When I help that one part, I am helping myself too.

I think in society, we are kept divided on issues so that it inhibits our ability to empathize with other people.

Institutionalized racism keeps us divided into groups. Religious extremists keep us divided by terror. Political parties keep us divided on policies. The media hyper focuses on all of the things that keep us divided.

People forget that we’re all co-creators of our society and we forget that…

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