The Thing We Have to Fear Most is Fear Itself

In Saner Thought

Where have I heard that before?

My continuing research into terrorism is producing some invaluable insights into the phenom that we are dealing with in the 21st century….Terrorism.

These days with every attack on civilians there is a wealth of media and others that want to spread fear….fear by the way fits in the hands of terrorists perfectly…….the paradigm runs the gambit of who is to blame….

Fear is the best weapon for a terrorist and the next best weapon is ignorance…..and these days there is a wealth of both.

Terrorism is all too real a threat, and mass attacks cause a special kind of fear. Terrorist movements like ISIS kill innocents for the worst of causes and the worst of reasons. They seek to use fear to separate the West from the Muslim world, and to divide the Muslim world and dominate it. They try to use alienated Muslims…

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