Dear Members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (about which Hillary was right)

Every so often I get a long deranged comment that goes like this:  Homos are part of a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Marxist conspiracy and only a GAY FAGGOT transgender supports democrats because without welfare you would all die which is what should happen to you ANYWAY!!!! Your worship of crooked Hillary shows how far you will go to betray the white race and the LIBERTIES that TRUE AMERICANS CHERISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Wingnut


My reply: I welcome conservative opinions that are logical and based on facts with links to credible sources. I do not consider Fox News, News Max or any other right-wing rumor mill a reputable or credible source.

You Wingnut conservatives have Donald Trump as your ‘voice’ and Fox News as your 24/7 Goebbels inspired news outlet.

You don’t need my blog.

Please see the memes below for other examples of horse shit I instantly
mark as spam.


Art by Rob Goldstein
Debunked on Snopes.Com.

Debunked by Snopes.Com

Debunked by Snopes.Com

Debunked on
Debunked on

And the story below is told as a fable about a Wingnut woman who gleefully sucks the empathy and soul out of a little girl.


Art by Rob Goldstein
If he’s like the homeless men I’ve seen he’s disabled by a mental illness made worse by the economic policies supported by that evil woman who wants you to think he’s lazy! Run to save your soul little girl! Never speak to that bitch again!

Let’s close by celebrating traditional liberal values as sung by
a gay, faggot homosexual…On Soooooooul Train!



I found these memes on Twitter. They are spread by GOP operatives:
I don’t know the source.




14 thoughts on “Dear Members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (about which Hillary was right)

  1. Hi Robert!
    I cannot with that BULLSHIT! I just CAN’T!
    I am so sorry that you have to field through this crap. Like you said, those punks have tons of outlets for their hate.
    You are absolutely right NOT to let them have space on your blog.

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    1. Anyone who disagrees with politically correct right wing is going to get crap because the stance that there are people who don’t deserve to enjoy the benefit of living in a free and prosperous nation is indefensible. That’s why they have to lie about and smear their opposition; and more recently call for having them killed. Thanks for the comment. Remember to vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.

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    1. Fox News has never been ‘Fair and Balanced’ and it is part of the reason the nation is so divided. What I despise if that Republican strategists made a conscious decisions to divide the nation in the early 1970’s. I’m just glad that this cynical political party has lost it’s smiley face.

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      1. When I pull up the AT&T/Yahoo news blog there’s usually a big lie from Fox at the top followed by right wing conspiracy theories. It’s so much like a parody that I’m tempted to laugh except that this is the corruption we see when we allow an essential piece of our democracy to go to the highest bidder.

        We need a media that reports the Facts within a neutral context.

        I want facts, not opinions. I will be my own source of expert opinion.

        The only way to hold it in check is to act as citizen fact checkers to make sure that people who want facts can find them.

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      2. I should add that I have all of my tracking settings turned off, scour my hard drive after each session, and NEVER click on a ‘news’ item from Fox or any right wing source.

        That’s why I find the lineup on AT&T/Yahoo so strange. If my News Preferences are being tracked then the first news outlets should be UK Guardian, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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      3. I don’t EVER click on anything associated with them. It’s never ceases to amaze me the number of people I hear quoting that slop as gospel. It’s kinda scary. I really think they subliminally brainwash people and their talking heads are the Stepford Wives of media.

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    1. I almost feel sorry for these people. They must be terrified of themselves. They consider themselves so righteous and holy. To admit they are wrong they’d have to be capable of insight and shame. I think they are but as with most bullies, deep down they are cowards.

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