#ManyPeopleAreSaying that Conservatives Make Stuff Up

The Example

This delicious piece of zany bigotry is in my spam folder.

The author takes up the challenge of citing sources.

I think he missed the ‘credible’ part of my criteria.

The comment illustrates everything that makes Trump’s supporters more frightening than Trump.

It also illustrates my earlier post on the topic of irrational arguments:

Dear Members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (about which Hillary was right).

I will dissect the central thesis of what I loosely call his argument.

Let’s start with this: “You see equality to be equal does in mater of fact remove the right[s] to have freedom and liberty. Would you be willing to give that up?”

So, if everyone is equal before the law someone has to give up a right?

Do you mean the right to abuse people you don’t like?

As for what I’d give up: I give up accepting the premise that you have the right to abuse me based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

I give up tax dollars to restore funding to the public schools you voted to close so that you can learn to think with discipline and learn how to use spell check.

And this line: “Now transgenders will take away all freedom and liberty as it is doing right now in the United States of America.”

If transgenders are taking away all the freedom and liberty in the United States they are the most powerful women in the World!

And this: “The civil liberties union would like to do the very same thing, for their cause to enslave all of the United States of America in order to bring in Communism.”

Slavery and communism are the inevitable consequences of same-sex marriage?

Prove it.

And he tries:

“It is these reason why we must and have no other choice but to show you that the civil liberty union, transgender, same-sex marriage, liberals/democrats/Marxist/Communist/Socialist are all the same. My cite[s] are these three books. “The Defense of Wisconsin 2006 Marriage Amendment (Thesis) by Terry Virgil 07/09 /2014, What is wrong with Cal. Const. amend.chap.85. § § 221.5 (a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)? (Thesis) By Terry Virgil, Freedom and Liberty by Terry Virgil”

I won’t address equating liberalism and the democratic party with Marxism, communism and socialism.

I don’t even think he knows what these words mean.

He cites Terry Virgil.

Terry Virgil was a 2014 Libertarian candidate for District 13 of the Wisconsin State Senate. Virgil was removed from the candidate list for reasons unknown.

He has an Associates degree in Business Management

He is also a railroad conductor and small business owner who served in the Marines.

Terry Virgil is a member of the Libertarian Party.

I’m sure that he is an honorable man and I’m sorry that he follows a political
creed so toxic to the co-operative values essential to our survival as species.

But Terry Virgil’s opinions about the rights of LGBTQ people are not facts.

Opinions have no place when discussing matters of government and the law.

The President does not have to like LGBTQ people but he is obligated by the constitution to represent our interests.

Democracy requires the use of reason and a willingness to compromise and admit to being wrong.

It means being open to facts and being willing to look for them when using our franchise as citizens.

My problem with most arguments from so-called conservatives is that conservatives think opinion is more important than fact.

They twist the truth and promote universally discredited conspiracy theories.

The writer does not give me a fact-based argument and so he is gonged.

Back to the spam folder with him.

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4 thoughts on “#ManyPeopleAreSaying that Conservatives Make Stuff Up

  1. If this man thinks everything is true just because it’s written in a book then I want to put myself down for a Hobbit house now and a share of Smaug’s gold. Has he not heard of Opinion?

    Sometimes you have to wonder how anyone can sing about The Home of the free and the Land of the brave and keep a straight face.

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    1. It’s baffling because they are so wrong in how they understand our Constitution.

      It started as a straight white man’s document because that’s who had all of the power. But those straight white men were visionary. And they were educated and curious about the World. They created a living document that now covers the majority of our species.

      Even more baffling is the idea that citing a single biased source cinches an the argument.

      There is something weird about people who think that an attempt to ‘seem’ academic and therefore ‘correct’ is the same as providing the kind of evidence that makes one correct:

      This is how children think.


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