Trump and the Pathological Narcissism of the GOP


Art By Rob Goldstein
The Shameless Narcissist

Once you understand that a narcissist has the emotional life of a two year old they make sense.

The shamelessness, the deceit, the willingness to lie even when it isn’t necessary, the pitting of people against each other, and the need to secure a small group of eager victims who are willing to do the dirty work of spreading smears.

Now it’s on the national stage.

Here’s a rule of thumb when dealing with a narcissist: if you wonder if he’s up to something, he probably is.

They never forgive anyone who points out that no one on Earth is the smartest and best at everything; they will never forgive a correct assessment of their skill.

The narcissist that was stalking me last Summer still stalks me.

l yielded ownership of my Flickr group to her.

I don’t look at the group, give work to it, or even give the group much thought.

Because of the theft of the group I’ve learned who the people of quality
are on Flickr and I’m honored to be among them.

There are plenty of people on Flickr who know they saw a theft.

They’re not fooled by her attempt to play the victim.

Her stalking of me is occasional,  it’s just enough to let me know that
she’s watching.

It’s so covert she can easily say I’m imagining it if I call her out on it.

That’s a classic example of gas lighting.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Found on Twitter

This is when the personal becomes political.

The primary symptom of pathological narcissism is a  sense of entitlement that precludes compromise or negotiation along with a complete disregard for the rights and needs of other people.

A Narcissist exists only for himself.

Friends become enemies at the first sign of independent thought.

Doesn’t this sound like Donald Trump and his followers?

Trump doesn’t debate Hillary Clinton’s proposals; he stalks Clinton
on Twitter
with baseless accusations and smears.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Trump Tweet stating that Hillary Clinton’s Policies have gotten people Killed.

His comments about 2nd amendment people is a classic maneuver.

Narcissists are masters when it comes to playing Gaslight.

Art by Rob Goldstein
How many people are saying this Donald?

The sheer insanity of Trump’s attempt to link events in Iran to the provincial and incessant  scandal mongering of the U.S. Republican Party is breathtaking.

The GOP has fed us lies and innuendo through its media outlets for over two decades; now they don’t want to own what they’ve done to our Nation’s political discourse.

But there aren’t as many eager victims.

There aren’t enough people willing to sit in silence as the Right Wing Echo Chamber poisons our political debate.

Yes, democrats are guilty of enabling the sickness but they’ve never had a Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter calling for the execution of Republicans as a matter civic duty.

Now the sickness seeks to corrupt the heart of our political system, The Supreme Court.

That’s why the GOP Majority Leader won’t do his job and hold hearings on Obama’s choice to replace Scalia.

One shameless Narcissist in charge of any branch of our Government is one too many.

If you have to ask yourself if someone is stalking you, she is.

If you have to ask yourself if you heard Trump call for Clinton’s
assassination, you did.

Let this be the year that Americans drop the fake ‘experts’ in all media outlets.

Be your own expert.

Verify everything you hear.

Ask yourself who benefits.

Who benefits from convincing you that your vote doesn’t count?

Who benefits from demonizing a woman who has accomplished many
worthy goals in life?

No, she’s not perfect; but if you’re looking for perfect you will always be

When it comes to choosing leaders all choices come down to the lesser of
two evils because all human beings are capable of evil.

What we want in a leader is a human being who understands human frailty
and who lives by the laws that govern civilized life.

We want a leader we can work with as a people.

We want a leader who knows the difference between truth and fiction.

In fact, that’s what we want in all three branches of our government.

Rob Goldstein 2016






25 thoughts on “Trump and the Pathological Narcissism of the GOP

  1. Fascinating read and conversation. I hope that the voice of reason will outweigh the narcissist’s pull, although as an outsider with relatives in the States, I fear that Hilary evokes equal loathing which may equate to a fearful result.

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  2. Great post Rob! I think the citizens are finally waking up. Every day Trump is making outlandish claims, then backtracking the next day. I can’t wait for him to crash and burn. Hopefully sooner than later.

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  3. I agree about Trump, but am puzzled by the reference t the female narcissist who stole your Flickr site last year. Did I see and entry about something on Flickr on Wednesday? I’m a newbie still after a year and don’t know Flickr.

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    1. With a narcissist the time between a perceived slight and getting over it doesn’t exist. They can go for years on a grudge. It motivates them. Here’s a post that will clarify this:

      It’s eerie to see this kind of ridiculous self serving entitled behavior on the national stage from the nominee of a major party.

      I can almost understand it from a little nobody in upstate New York who hides from life in a role play game but I never expected to see the sickness of a narcissist surrounded by his smear spreading flying monkeys playing their games in front of an enabling press on the national stage.

      If you want to know how an abused kid feels listen to the press try to explain Trump’s call for Hillary Clinton’s assassination.

      Now imagine that you’re six and people hear an abusive Mother threaten to beat you to within an inch of your life. You know she’s serious but the adults convince themselves it was only a moment because “what kind of Mother does that?”

      Narcissists are dangerous because most people can’t fathom the intensity of their grandiose sense of entitlement.

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  4. Rob, he has used twice in the last ten days a new ploy. He walks back after being criticized that he was being sarcastic. This is after doubling and tripling down on the comment first. He is the most prolific liar ever in presidential candidates since non-partisan fact checking started in 2007. Yet, it is OK since he says the fact checkers are biased. I can name at least a dozen off the top of my head that are verifiable by multiple sources.

    People do not believe this, but Clinton is actually toward the bottom on lying on campaign statements, down there with Obama, Sanders and Jeb Bush. Keith

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    1. We have children in the bodies of adults who are way to old for this kind of crap.

      He’s a bad guy and all the magical thinking in the world doesn’t change that.

      All of the smears in the world won’t change the fact that Hillary Clinton is ready and able to lead this country.

      We are free to do many things in the United States but only if we are willing to rise above the level of hogs feasting on slop.

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      1. No candidate has been vetted more than this woman. She has received her share of fair and much unfair criticism. It is no wonder her Achilles Heel is to be protective, which makes her look deceptive. Per Obama, no candidate is more qualified with global cache, experience, and competence, yet she is dogged by this image that the GOP has crafted over time. I preferred Obama over her, but never thought she was incapable. I think more people need to stand up for this woman, who is so much tougher than the narcissist running against her. Keith

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      2. I think that anyone who doesn’t understand what’s at stake is probably not going to vote. I do believe that there will be a large voter turnout.

        I get the sense that most people see the over-kill on the smear Hillary strategy and are asking the only question that needs to be asked: So, aside from the fantastical notion that Hillary Clinton is Lucifer what proposals do you have?

        If I were a republican I would be ashamed that members of my party stooped so low as to compare the opposition to Lucifer.

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  5. Dear Rob, Be careful. A narcissist keeps a grudge forever and are always looking to get even. The best you can do is not to respond to her in any way.

    I have done a lot of research on HRC before I came to a decision. I am definitely voting for her. She is going to need lots of support. Sexism is still alive and well. I admire her bravery and resiliency because she has to know that the right will be unmerciful in trying to bring her down. Thanks for your blog, Gronda

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    1. You’re right about the vindictive nature of narcs. The one gift that Donald Trump gives us is placing his nauseating pathology on display for the world to see. It’s all there: the smear campaigns, the rambling incoherent word salad, the delusional bluster, the threats, the thin skin, the exaggerated accomplishments, the inflated claims of competence and the merciless use and abuse of anyone stupid enough to believe him. Narcs are charming the way a spoiled child is charming when it wants something. The GOP stopped being a party with an ethical core long before the first Clinton Presidency. The GOP is now giving us a national lesson on the real ugliness of pathological narcissism. My hope is that after Trump, most narcs will find themselves isolated before they can do damage. Yes…the right wing echo chamber will send out it’s best liars to smear Hillary but I get the feeling that most Americans are onto them. You really can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Dear Rob, Mental Health professionals avoid providing their opinion about a diagnosis guess without having personally done the assessment. But in DTs case, many have thrown caution to the wind because DT is the “Textbook narcissistic personality disorder.

        ”In the 11/11/15 Vanity Fair edition, Henry Alford writes about this, “As his presidential campaign trundles forward, millions of sane Americans are wondering: What exactly is wrong with this strange individual? The article is titled, “Is Donald Trump Actually a Narcissist? Therapists Weigh In!” And the following are excerpts”

        “For mental-health professionals, Donald Trump is at once easily diagnosed but slightly confounding. “Remarkably narcissistic,” said developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. “Textbook narcissistic personality disorder,” echoed clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis. “He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops because there’s no better example of his characteristics,” said clinical psychologist George Simon, who conducts lectures and seminars on manipulative behavior.”

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      2. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch Trump speak.

        Trump reminds me of the racist and anti-Semitic hate mongers I had to survive in Charleston.

        In the final analyses, isn’t it supremely narcissistic to think that you have the right to deprive people of food, housing and educations because you think you’re better than they are?

        And isn’t it really an outrageous sense of entitlement to think that one deserves to live in and get rich from a complex and expensive civilized nation without having to pay for it in taxes?

        Isn’t Trump really just a reflection of the degraded state of American conservatism?

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  6. It’s so bizarre and disturbing. I can’t believe he’s gotten this far with the people. Sometimes I feel numb about it, like his bad behavior can’t surprise me, and other times I have that blinking sensation as though I can’t believe it’s happening — an on my tv?
    I suppose some people have learned what Narcissism is. Since I’ve long known, I’ve been baffled and terrified about this for a long time. I’m sure you must have similar reactions time to time.

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    1. I think it’s fascinating to see this kind of sickness on the national stage. The problem with ‘yugely’ wealthy narcs is that they get to run wild.
      What Trump is discovering at the age of 70 is that to most sane people he looks like a petulant man whose only accomplishment in life was having
      a wealthy father.

      I think it’s interesting that Trump has lived 70 years and is only now discovering that bullshit only goes so far.

      Of course he likes the uneducated: narcs love people to whom they can feel superior.

      But Trump will never have what he thinks he deserves: respect for his accomplishments.

      Narcs are empty suits who are so stupid about themselves that they don’t even know
      when they are speaking nonsense.

      Trump, like all narcissists, are parodies of themselves.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    Here you have it …. “The primary symptom of pathological narcissism is a sense of entitlement that precludes compromise or negotiation along with a complete disregard for the rights and needs of other people. A Narcissist exists only for himself.” … Sounds familiar??

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