Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Test Markets Campaign Ads to Trump Voters

This is freaking hilarious. Just brilliant.  It’s on YouTube through Hulu,com

The premise is that a group of Trump voters test market political ads for Donald
Trump. The ads are completely absurd and are ridiculously funny by themselves,
but the reactions of the Trump voters raises the ante….



on looking at pictures of Syrian kids: for RU and those like her

from Leonard Durso

Leonard Durso

too many hearts
are hardened, are closed
to the suffering
the poor, the misplaced
in this troubled world
when they should be open
regardless of emotional cost
for hearts are gateways
to our humanity
it is hearts of compassion
through which
God speaks

in reference to pictures on FORGOTTEN HOPES

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The Meditations of Judas: Crime

Art by Rob Goldstein
Portrait of The Christ

The way I

loved you


you off–

my desire

my lust


your hate.

Yet still

I fought

for you



sought to

rip your


from your


Robert Goldstein February 1986