Portrait of Malcolm X, Clarion Alley, San Francisco, Ca 2015

“Who the Hell’s Voting for Donald Trump?”

First posted August 15, 2016

“When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”  Ann Coulter, 2002

Coulter’s not so bother’s by treason these days.

A quote from Ann Coulter in which she says African Americans are not fully human.
There’s a special place in Hell for barbarians.

I hoard information; I always have.

Before the internets, I kept news clippings, old flyers, and plenty of books.

When I was a kid, I read encyclopedias and textbooks for fun.

Now I have a vast digital library of music, films, television, images, and articles.

Between 2009 and 2011 I collected photographs of people at Tea Party demonstrations.

I also collected racist political propaganda and screen shots of death threats  to President Obama on Twitter and right-wing blogs.

Trump supporters occupy an inverse version of the United States where racism is a Christian Virtue and disdain for Human Rights is a mark of strength.

Their America treats ethnic and sexual minorities with contempt and violence.

“Who the Hell’s voting for Donald Trump?”

To begin with, many of Trump’s supporters are a coalition of white
supremacists and neo-nazis that politically organized in the late 1980’s.

Their movement is described in the 1991 documentary, Blood in the Face.

The conspiracy theories, racist rhetoric,  and threats of violence that we hear from the Trump campaign and Trump’s surrogates reflect the sensibilities of this movement.

The leaders of this coalition proudly describe a political strategy of taking over the U.S. government, office by office, starting with school boards, until every branch of government reflects a neo-nazi, white supremacist agenda.

Below is the official trailer for Blood in the Face:

I gathered the images in this post between 2000 and 2015.

I don’t know the source and intend no copyright infringement.

A heads up before we start:

I include a lynching postcard, which were popular among whites in the South of the early 20th Century.

These pictures best illustrate what Trump’s supporters mean by ‘personal liberty‘.

If you don’t want to see these photos please stop reading.

However, if you’re unsure of why Democrats need your votes I urge you to continue.

“Who the Hell’s voting for Donald Trump?”

Art by Rob Goldstein

Hang ’em high!The photo above predates 2011 because Ted Kennedy is on the enemies list. Ted Kennedy died August 25, 2009.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Lawdy, I sho loves campainnin

The shot above speaks for itself.

Art by Rob Goldstein
God Will Guide the Hand that Strikes You – July 16 2008

During Obama’s first campaign right-wing websites regularly called for his assassination.

Below is a detail from a 2009 cartoon published in the New York Post shortly after President Obama’s inauguration.

Art by Rob Goldstein
No Country for Porch-Monkeys New York Post, 2009

Porch monkey: commonly used in the United States as a derogatory term against African-Americans.  It refers to Blacks as lazy.  As if they have nothing better to do than to sit at their front porch of their home. Quora

Below is the cartoon in full:

Art by Rob Goldstein

Do I see two cops who’ve shot and killed an innocent porch monkey?

This image provides a compelling context for the increased police shootings over the past eight years; especially as the right-wing echo chamber tries to blame President Obama for increasing racial tensions by being Black.

Is it possible that the derogatory and inflammatory rhetoric of white racists are in part to blame for the inflamed racial tensions that plague our nation?

Racist image of President Obama as a witch doctor
Obama as African Witch Doctor

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo. He quickly added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” Donald Trump August 10, 2016.

Photograph of a White Supremacist wearing a pistol.
Protester at a Tea Party protest
Header from a right wing blog that reads Fight Terrorism, shoot a democrat
From a 2009 right wing blog.
Art by Rob Goldstein
The Cleveland Tea Party 2009 protest-He listens to Fox News

He listens to Fox News? Here’s what he heard:

Art by Rob Goldstein
Fox Nation
Art by Rob Goldstein
The sign in the background reads: This Change Sucks!

Art by Rob Goldstein

So what’s the goal of this organized movement of rich libertarians, racists, and neo-nazis?

Do they want this violence?

Art by Rob Goldstein
Death Threat via Twitter


Art by Rob Goldstein
Racist death threat against Obama via Twitter, 2011.

They say they want a return to the good old days.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Lynch Em All

Have a look at the good old days:

Art by Rob Goldstein
The Omaha Courthouse Lynching of 1919 – The racist mob that tortured and murdered Will Brown pose for the camera

Will Brown was accused of assaulting a white woman.

He was 41 years old and suffered from acute rheumatism.

From Nebraska Studies.org:

Brown ended up in the hands of the crazed mob. He was beaten into unconsciousness. His clothes were torn off by the time he reached the building’s doors. Then he was dragged to a nearby lamp pole on the south side of the courthouse at 18th and Harney around 11:00 p.m. The mob roared when they saw Brown, and a rope was placed around his neck. Brown was hoisted in the air, his body spinning. He was riddled with bullets. His body was then brought down, tied behind a car, and towed to the intersection of 17th and Dodge. There the body was burned with fuel taken from nearby red danger lamps and fire truck lanterns. Later, pieces of the rope used to lynch Brown were sold for 10 cents each. Finally, Brown’s charred body was dragged through the city’s downtown streets.


Art by Rob Goldstein
The good old days as remembered by Rick Tyler

Progressives who think racists and homophobes will politely stand down because of a Civil Rights Act or a decision by the Supreme that protects the 4th Amendment rights of Gays are wrong.

The best illustration is Ann Coulter, a rich white career woman who argues against women’s rights:

“If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president”
Ann Coulter 2007

Tax breaks for women of her class are more important than her right to vote.

But that’s the point: women of her class don’t suffer the consequences of their political decisions.

The bigots with whom Ann Coulter toys will never stand down because they think they have a divine right to control the bodies and minds of people of color, gays, the poor and women.

These extremists want a world that let’s them treat the rest of us like property.

Winning the fight for our rights as citizens is the beginning of another battle; the fight to keep those rights.

We have to fight now and always.

If you’re thinking of sitting out this election I ask you to consider
these words from a man who died in the fight for your right to vote:

Art by Rob Goldstein
Don’t be afraid to do what’s Right

Below is the 1991 Documentary ‘Blood in the Face’ .

If you have the time to watch it, do.

These are the people our wealthy GOP elites thought they could manipulate and control:

Rob Goldstein 2016 All Images found on the internet, source unknown, presented for educational purposes.




















44 thoughts on ““Who the Hell’s Voting for Donald Trump?”

  1. Just saw this again & am just as appalled as the 1st time. Yes, people (ignorant people) voted for Trump. But I am not convinced that this election wasn’t rigged. Diebolt gave Dubya both elections. Ex-cons can’t vote but they can work on voting machines!
    I am no longer convinced we have a democracy in this country. But a friend of mine thinks it should be a crime NOT to vote. Maybe she’s right!
    Peace, love & truth,
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador: http://tinyurl.com/klxbt4y
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P11Ch5chkAc 😉 ❤ 😉

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  2. This post really scares me! Even more than the uneducated people I know that say they support Trump.
    I have a feeling though, that 3/4 of them have never voted and have no idea how to register. The ones we tried to discuss the subject with said “Shut up. This is not up for discussion!” They know they have no argument! Sad thing is WE, educators, have done a disservice to these people. But then again, they are in areas & states where teachers get no respect!
    Peace, love & justice for all,
    P.S. Check out all my posts in support of Kaepernick on Twitter. Most of the military supports his right to protest!
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P11Ch5chkAc 😉 ❤


  3. Dear Rob,

    I found your question, intriguing. I couldn’t stand it, and so I started to do some additional research.

    Nothing that I researched was surprising. except in this one segment of the population (I am blogging on this)
    These are the non-ideological voters, “not racists, not motivated primarily by hate…so much as by deep frustration” with politics and the economy…the demoralized or apolitical white working class voters, and they constitute nearly 1/2 of the white working class.” (Typically this group does not vote and these are the new voters that Trump is bringing into the republican party.)

    This explains why, the republican party does not want to dish DT. It is because they will lose all these new republican parties. This is also why HRC and VP Joe Biden are targeting areas like Scranton, PA.

    Thanks for the question, Gronda

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    1. I don’t think that all Trump supporters are motivated by hate and bigotry. But these working class voters are in bed with the worst elements of American culture. If they let themselves live behind the wall of disinformation produced by right wing media they will find themselves even more disenfranchised and uninformed.

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      1. Dear Rob, The one good thing out of this crazy election cycle that is one for the history books, is that these disaffected workers have had their voice heard.

        Senator Bernie Saunders had a lot to do with this as well as DT.

        The democrats needs to earn their vote. Trump can keep the haters, the bullies, the racists and the misogynists.

        Everyone who blogs on these issues is doing a real service.

        Thanks! I both love and hate this blog, Gronda

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      2. I agree with you about Sanders. This is why it’s important for democrats to seize this moment This year we have a opportunity to occupy the democrats and return to a more progressive and functional government.

        Everyone must vote for the president and their congressional reps. Even if it looks like Hillary is winning, even is you believe in your soul that your vote doesn’t count– we must vote.

        Clinton must have a clear mandate from the people and a congress that isn’t dedicated to sabotaging its President.

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  4. So much hate in this world. It breaks my heart. I was a state delegate for Pres. Obama in 2012 – met way cool people at the convention from all over the state and from pretty much every race, background, economic status – Christian, atheist, non-religious, religious – and what these people all had in common was an inherent desire to help make our nation a fair and just place for all Americans. It was really inspiring to me to be with people who care. I do not get that feeling when I watch Trump rallies. I see a lot of fear there. A lot of “mob mentality.” A lot of bullying. This does not represent the best of America.

    Thank you for taking the time to chronicle the hate-mongering. It needs to be exposed, seen for what it is, faced and denounced.

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    1. There s as much love as there is hate in this world, I’m convinced of that. I’m also convinced that Trumps people, and Fox viewers in general are brainwashed. I think that shutting yourself off from a opposing points of view is dangerous. Thanks for reading the post and leaving a comment. How exciting to have been delegate for President Obama. Democrats have no reason to be ashamed.

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      1. Robert – you’re right, of course. There is much love in this world, too.

        On another note I’m so grateful for Bernie Sanders – I think he’s done more than anybody during this campaign to see that the interests of the American people are represented and voiced.

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      1. Dear Rob, This blog represents the right wing conservative playbook on HRC. This just makes me furious. I give HRC credit for guts. She knew what she’d be facing when she threw her hate into the ring and yet, she did it anyway.

        Despite the fact that I truly believe that a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Donald Trump, I wouldn’t vote green because she has not been tested by fire whereas, HRC has. She has been part of the U.S. Congress; she knows all the world leaders and she knows first hand, what’s involved with being president. She is the right person to break through the glass ceiling to deal with all the crap that will be thrown her way.

        You are right. I have never voted a straight democratic ticket but this time, I will.. She is going to need all the support that she can get.

        Thanks for this blog, Gronda

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      2. It is insane that progressives will vote for a democratic president and ignore the rest of the ballot
        or sit out the midterms.

        Then they complain when the president has to compromise with the right wing congress they sent him when they did not vote.

        There are two kinds of stupidity: there is the arrogant stupidity of the bigot who knows that what he is doing is wrong and does it because he feels entitled to do it. Then we have the benign stupidity of the idealist who believes that all he has to do is vote for a perfect person to change the political process by himself.

        Both forms of stupidity have lethal consequences for people who are barely surviving on the margins.

        At least the bigot actively votes for his preferred party.

        The idealist never stops to consider that Congress and the Senate reflect his right wing votes too…because not voting is the same as voting for what you say you do not want.

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      3. Dear Rob,

        That is an understatement. This is the right wingers gospel on HRC and of course, it is a pack of lies. Those who buy into this stuff, do not want to deal with facts. What else is new?

        Thanks, Gronda

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      4. Nothing about the right wing of today is new. They were the bellowing defenders of slavery in the 1800’s…They were the terrorist lynch mobs of the South in the early 20th Century, they were the arrogant scum that rushed from their Churches to burn the Freedom Riders alive in their buses during the Civil Right’s movement of the 1960’s, they were the religious hypocrites who dared to call themselves ‘moral’ in in the 1980’s and today they are ugly little trolls who infiltrate social media to spread smears about anyone who dares to disagree with their racist, self serving political agenda.They are an ugly people and they do ugly things. The only way to check them is to vote for what we know is right and remember that our media is saturated with right wing propaganda.

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  5. There are people who only look at the extremes, and then there are people who listen to thoughtful commentary from both sides. Which one do you think you are? I am not voting in U.S. elections, so you could say that I have no dog in that fight. I see flaws in both (in fact all the) candidates. Who am I to say that DT’s flaws are greater than HC’s, or vice versa? Both sides lie, the truth is somewhere in the middle, and for the most part I avoid all the U.S. presidential political posts. But this one got me. There are thoughtful, good people on both sides of this election. You do yourselves and your country a disservice by forgetting that.

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    1. I don’t believe in perfect politics or perfect people.

      But it is foolish to pretend that the United States does not have it’s own strain of evil.

      We do ourselves a disservice by ignoring what we can plainly see with our own eyes.

      The fact that Trump repeats words and phrases and conspiracy theories from white supremacists and neo-nazis and has their support tells me that he represents more than a unlikable political philosophy; he represents something dangerous to our democracy.

      Think of the anguish caused by those who silently enabled Adolph Hitler to become chancellor. Hitler also told a smattering of truth. That didn’t change what he was who who he represented.

      Thank you for the comment. I do understand your point.

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    2. While there may be good citizens on both sides of this election, it’s not hard to judge which is the better person, DT or HC. No, I don’t like to judge people, but we are talking about the person who will become president of a very powerful country. Anyone who considers DT to be qualified for this position is smoking or drinking some pretty powerful stuff. And since that powerful stuff is likely to be full of racism and hate, I’d guess that, actually, there are more good people in the My-God-Not-Trump side of the election.

      If you’re racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or a bigot, you’re probably voting for Trump. And in that case, you’re voting against me. Of course, it’s you’re right to be all of those things, but don’t expect me to like it.

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      1. At times it’s essential to judge people.

        I love Hillary’s quote from Maya Angelou: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

        Our President has an important job to do and we as citizens have a job that is no less important. We must use reason and facts when selecting our President.

        We must respect how our choice affects the people of other nations.

        And we must choose the most qualified person.

        Then like any good employer, we give her the tools she needs to get the job done: we give her both houses of congress.

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      2. Giving the President both houses of Congress to do the job is like tying both hands behind the President’s back and then demanding that she walk on her hands. No doubt checks and balances are needed, but ideology and money have caused those checks and balances to become… something else entirely. Just look at the Supreme Court, electing Bush and passing Citizens United.

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      3. It depends on the agenda.

        If we want Citizens United reversed then she’s going to need democrats who will actually work with her to fill judicial vacancies and to vet her nominees to make sure that there are no conflicts of interest.

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  6. Years ago, I remember walking into a corner store and seeing a disturbing headline on some rag: Obama is the Devil! My first thought was to buy all the papers and throw them away — that’s where they belonged, in the trash.

    On the other hand, I realize that a loud group of white Americans would never have been ready for a black president. All this hate and vitriol needed to come out, especially to confront those who ignorantly believe that racism and discrimination no longer exist.

    It’s like we haven’t evolved as a country at all. It’s like we’re going backwards. And my head hurts from the whiplash.

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    1. I think we’ve come quite a way.

      The fact is that under the Obama Administration we moved forward by miles as far as spreading Constitutional protections to Gays and protecting the vote.

      Our social evolution is slow and creating and sustaining a vision of a better, smarter and more compassionate way to be human is a generational process.

      The history of the U.S.is one of each generation opening doors for the generation to follow.

      If we beat back this most recent wave of fascism without bloodshed we can be proud of ourselves.

      If we restore those elements of the New Deal that we know for a fact worked to protect us from predatory capitalism we will go down in history as the generation that saved America from itself.

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  7. OMG! When DT loses big time, I am hoping that he takes his followers with him. I am predicting that he is going to quit before the first debate or soon after. He can’t stand losing.

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    1. I hope Trump loses but know that his followers will not stand down.

      They didn’t stand down after they lost the American Civil War, and they didn’t stand down after Lynden Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and they won’t stand down if Trump loses; certainly not with Fox News, whose primary function is poisoning the public debate with lies.

      Trump’s base will become more active and will attempt to do to Hillary what they did to Obama; they will try to send her an extreme right wing congress that will work to sabotage her Presidency.

      That’s why we need to rid ourselves of any notion that winning a battle settles things. It doesn’t.

      We must show up at the polls even if Hillary is certain to win and we must give her both houses of
      congress for the entire eight years of her Presidency.

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  8. As for who is voting for that man, I am connected to people on social media who will. At least four. I can’t say I’ve seen any pro-that man posts or commentary lately, but I’m sure they secretly enjoy him nonetheless. I could write a thousand words on the unbelievable cognitive dissonance of those four people, since I know them all well.
    I find it interesting, and startling, how people who otherwise love and care can be moved to share hateful posts.
    I seem to have more social media friends who dislike both candidates, and I wonder if they’ll vote at all. I don’t appreciate apathy. I can respect people who vote opposition much more than people who don’t vote.
    Your post brings up something I noticed over the last eight years, something I can’t imagine anyone could turn a blind eye to — this is the first POTUS I’ve ever seen treated so badly. The things people are willing to say, to imply, the lack of respect for the position — it has disturbed me so very much. Anyone who doesn’t think it’s about race is clearly living in a reality different from my own.
    Wonderful, terrible blog post. A reminder, clearly.

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    1. What has bothered me also, is that those conservative congressional legislators use this slanderous branding, as an excuse not to work with our president and on behalf of the American folks who pay their taxes.

      This is why I am worried about HRC. If you believe that racism has been a major issue; please realize that misogyny will be no less virulent

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      1. I believe that as well. I think she is coming with more power and connections that President Obama had at the time he took office. I’m ever hopeful.

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      2. I started the year convinced that I’d hold my nose to vote for Hillary but the convention turned me around. I believe that Bernie Sanders is man of conviction and that he understood that his real goal was to give democrats permission to go left. People want to forget that the GOP has had public discourse in the U.S. in a death grip. While they complained bitterly about the ‘politically correct’ left they were stifling debate to the degree that the term ‘liberal’ was called the new L word.

        The GOP and press dismissed advocacy for public services as ‘socialism’.

        When I saw Hillary’s accomplishments, I realized that she either does good things to deceive us into thinking she’s not a dangerously evil murderer or the GOP is lying.

        I went with the second option.

        Bernie Sanders fought to give Hillary Clinton permission to be what she could not be as First Lady: a center left liberal.

        If we give her an overwhelming mandate and both houses of congress, she will have permission to go left.

        If we give her a right wing congress, we force her to stay in the middle or to move right.

        The president’s job is to represent the will of the people. If the people give a liberal president a right wing congress, we’ve tied her hands.

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      3. I agree with you and the solution is simple: democrats must get out and vote for progressive democratic congressional representatives, ideally ones who are more liberal than Clinton. This gives her permission to go left.

        Imagine that people show up to vote for a democratic president but they don’t bother to vote for their congressional representatives and four years later, in the mid terms, they don’t show up at the polls at all.

        It doesn’t make sense, does it?

        Then they complain about the things Obama didn’t do as if they are not the source of the problem.

        The President needs a mandate and mandates are about numbers.

        For instance, don’t use the idea that Hillary is going this election to keep you from going to the polls.

        That’s what happened in the U.K. with the Brexit vote. The polls said it was certain to lose so the voters who wanted to stay in the E.U. didn’t vote.


        Every vote that she receives increases the size of her mandate, which in turn gives her the power to implement our agenda.

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      1. People who support Mr. Drumpf are hate-mongers – plain and simple.

        They deserve no love or respect…and watch your back if you still maintain them as ‘friends’…

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  9. God help us. It’s kind of hard to “like” this one, Robert, but it’s an important share. I understand that the secret service has been more challenged with Obama’s term of office than ever before…frightening that this goes on in today’s world. It may be a minority…but still. Heartbreaking.

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    1. We need to know this .I’m glad you see that…and please pass ‘Blood in the Face’ around.

      This Neo Nazi movement is behind the poisonous nature of our political discourse.

      It’s not just a movement of back woods knuckle draggers. It has wealthy backers.

      White Supremacy isn’t a fantasy reserved for poor whites, though they are the most visible pawns and therefore the easiest to dismiss.

      But we dismiss this movement at our peril.

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    WARNING!! Strong post with graphic pictures …
    “Their movement is profiled in a 1991 documentary, Blood in the Face. The conspiracy theories, racist rhetoric, and threats of violence that we hear from the Trump campaign and Trump’s surrogates reflect the sensibilities of this movement.”

    This answers the question: who’s voting for Trump!

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  11. I wonder how many good Republicans have moved over to vote Democrat thanks to Trump being the choice of their party. I realise Twitter can’t police everything written on their site but maybe if enough people complained they could ban those whose language is foul and whose rhetoric incites to kill.
    God men died at the hands of these thugs, good men diedd to bring their reign of terror to an end. Every KKK member and white supremacist should be jailed and forgotten.

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