Why Brexit will save The EU

This is a thought provoking take on Brexit.

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Mark Blyth professor at Brown University discusses how the European Union has abandoned working people, has been hijacked by corporate interests & why Brexit may be the wake up call needed for the Union to change course

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5 thoughts on “Why Brexit will save The EU

  1. This is a good point, all this hinges on the possibility that bureaucrats and the very well off can change for the greater good… we’ll see.

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    1. When democracy works the people elect a ruling class with a sense of noblesse oblige: the idea that great wealth comes with responsibility. Noblesse Oblige produced some of the most visionary leaders of the 20th Century. We see noblesse oblige in Obama and Hillary Clinton. One does not have to come from old money to have a sense of duty to others.

      Progressives are always their own undoing.We can’t have ideological purity and a healthy democracy. If people truly want self government we will have to work for it.

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      1. The noblest vision must be shaped into perfection over the course of generations. All it takes is one or two generations to lose sight of the larger vision and regression sets in.

        If our species can get through this period of regression without another global holocaust then progress will have been made. 🙂

        We will be able to say that we stopped fascism without having to resort to a bloodbath.


      2. That would be a good thing to do, I hope it’s the case as we’ve come so far to go back when there is still so far to go.


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