How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

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3 thoughts on “How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

  1. Dear Rob,

    The right were already fabricating HRC’s ill health news/ talking points when the following happened which the right pounced on to bolster their lies.

    There is a Dr. Drew of HLN TV who participated in an interview on another show and he openly questioned her health. HRC doctor has a well established reputation and did not appreciate another doctor giving an opinion without ever having made contact.

    I hate this ugly stuff, Gronda

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  2. Dear Robert, Thanks for blogging on this issue. There is a blog which lists all the allegations v HRC which have been debunked. The latest misleading has to do with her health. Hannity on FOX TV spent an entire show covering this myth. Here is a link (many new reports) debunking this tale: CNN Debunks Sean Hannity’s Conspiracy Theories About Hillary ……debunks…hillary-clintons-health…/212…
    Media Matters for America
    6 days ago – Matt Drudge Pushes Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracy After Benghazi Hearing …. Trump claims that He alone can fix the nation’s problems.

    Here is a blog that lists all the lies (debunked) told about HRC :
    The Real Hillary Clinton,,,,Makia Freeman,,Aug 18, 2016

    Love your blog, Gronda

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