Katrina Pierson: The Bonnie to Trump’s Clyde & The Ultimate Ride or Die

A good analyses of liars and their enablers.

The Neighborhood

Ride or Die:
To be down with your husband/wife
[friend/boss/party] no matter what.
– The Urban Dictionary

Ride or Die by Fetty Wap


Hollywood has a long history in ride or die. Bonnie and Clyde may be the most infamous, but Bonnie was as crooked as Clyde. So she was not just down for him, but also, in it for herself. Perhaps the relationship – in its purest sense – that exemplifies what it means to be ride or die, came out of Hollywood in 1995, in an independent film titled Leaving Las Vegas. The story evolved around a suicidal alcoholic, who not only left his home in Los Angeles, but said goodbye to his life. He moved to Las Vegas, where he had made up his mind, that he would drink himself to death.

Shortly after his arrival, the boy would meet a girl. As their relationship grew…

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