Something splendid from Karen Lee Kleis

Karen Lee Kleis


Once on a hot, humid day
at the lake, a snake swam calmly by
the bank where I
was sweating in the sun. Suddenly
it came and moved
slowly, the water rippling and settling
in its wake. It held its head up, skimming
the surface, one eye
turned to where I stood. Silently
it slipped into the shadows
near the shore
and disappeared.

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Hillary Clinton V Donald Trump’s Health Status

#Debunking another right wing smear

Gronda Morin

Allegations regarding Hillary Clinton’s health problems has been winding its way through the right wing websites until Sean Hannity of FOX TV devoted an entire evening to giving this concocted tale any credibility.

Then Dr. Drew of HLN publicly voiced concerns about Mrs. Clinton’s health. Of course the far right has jumped on this band wagon, as supporting their false assertions. In this case, I choose to defer to her board certified internist of 15 years, Dr. Lisa Bardack, Director of Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Health Systems, a position of significant stature.

Robert Farley of published a report on 8/16/16 about Hillary Clinton’s fake medical reports. The following are excerpts:

“Clinton’s longtime physician — whose name appears atop the alleged “leaked” documents — released a statement to calling the documents “false,” and reiterating her diagnosis that Clinton is “in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

elections hrc health fake dr report hrc fakedoc1“The…

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