The Faceless Theys of Life

Me - Who am I?


They say that love is forever. They say that you can make it if you try. They say that if it works, don’t fix it. The question is, who is they? They are the faceless theys of life.

We may never know who first spoke the words above, but they certainly made a lasting impact on the people today.

Faceless theys are not just the people who made these statements. They are everywhere. The man who helps the elderly woman cross the street. The woman who hands a sandwich to the homeless teen. The stranger at the store whose random comment changes your perspective on life. They are the people that are never forgotten. We may not remember their face, but their actions remain with us forever.

The faceless theys of life do not look for recognition or popularity. They do not act to be seen. Their intentions are pure…

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