An Anniversary of Death

Art by Rob Goldstein
Portrait of JFK based on a public domain portrait

Red fragments


the highway;



where the


is too hot.

Watch it


by frame


and over

lest we


and how

can we


the day





(c) Rob Goldstein 1985

Abraham, Martin and John
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11 thoughts on “An Anniversary of Death

    1. It does that to me too….It’s hard to believe we went from that kind of heartfelt gratitude to men who gave their lives to make a better world to the cynical celebration of hate that we get from Fox News


    1. It’s such a heartfelt song.

      I’m leery of posting songs like this because I don’t want to my intention
      taken for nostalgia. It would be easy to for a modern ear raised on the
      anti-progressive propaganda of Fox News to dismiss the song as sappy.
      But this long is like a snapshot of the emotional tone of an era.
      In this case an era when the people of the U.S. and large portions of the rest
      of the World had faith in our leaders and in our system of government.
      According to Wiki Abraham, Martin and John ranked as follows in 1968:

      Canada RPM 100 -#1
      New Zealand (Listener) #12
      U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #4
      U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary #8
      U.S. Billboard R&B #32
      U.S. Cash Box Top 100 #2

      These numbers clearly suggest that the resonated with the people of the time
      who agreed they they tried to do some
      good for you and me.

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      1. It is amazing how much you know, Robert! Valuable information which make think. Yes, so many were there who not only pretended but also did good for all and not only for their own ego!

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      2. Yes…If I have to live in an imperfect culture composed of flawed people I’d rather they have a sense of vision and a sense of right and wrong. Our biggest problem in the states is a cynical ruling class that has no sense of responsibility.

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