My Policy Wish For USA, Part VIII (Gun Control)

Just say no to semi-automatic assault weapons on the streets of our cities!

Gronda Morin

 (Zach Gibson/The New York Times) (Zach Gibson/The New York Times)


During the past few years,, the NRA has opposed any and all sensible gun control laws that even 80% of their own member approve.

My wish is for the upcoming presidential administration to break the hold that the NRA has been exerting over the U.S. congressional legislators of both parties, by  co-opting prior  recommendations that the NRA proposed in 1968- 1999, and which were approved by their members. This would have the benefit of reminding the public about what the NRA used to support. Then the next step would be to legislate sensible gun laws while being respectful of the majority of gun owners second amendment rights.

It is important to note that “Domestic Terrorism,” the definition being, the gun deaths of four or more victims by an American grown terrorist, has a far greater impact on US innocents than that by ISIS or similar type groups. Yet, the far right is…

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5 thoughts on “My Policy Wish For USA, Part VIII (Gun Control)

  1. I think the Government does have the right to reinstate the assault weapons ban for the public good since there was one previously that stood the Constitutional test. I don’t think a lot of elected officials have the balls to pass it tho. it’s also not going to remove all of the weapons that have been previously bought nor will it stop a massive sell before a ban goes in to place. but you have to start some place.

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