The Make it Ultra Award

Art by Rob Goldstein
Make It Ultra Award

I want to give a big thanks to Lisa from Life of an El Paso Woman for nominating me for the Make it Ultra Award

The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality, and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers

Here are the rules:

If you are nominated for the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award and choose to accept it, write a blog post about the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award in which you:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog on your blog. Take a moment to promote the person who nominated you. * Display the award on your blog by adding it to your post and/or displaying it using a widget on your page (Save the image to your computer and upload it to your blog post). Don’t forget to use the tag #MyUltraAward when you make your post!
  • Answer the following MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions.

Lisa has a wonderful blog.  We met when she visited San Francisco and I’d love to visit her in El Paso.  El Paso is my second favorite city after San Francisco.

  • Answer the following MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions.

*What is your name? Matthew Robert Oliver Goldstein

*Where are you from? I live in San Francisco but I was born in Charleston, South Carolina

*How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I started blogging in late 2014 as a way to advocate for myself within the Mental Health System and then for mental health advocacy in general. Now I blog about mental health, politics and I am a passionate advocate for ending homelessness which I view as a crime against humanity.

*Of what are you most proud?

I have done many things of which I am proud. What I’m most proud of is the success of the Gay Rights Movement and my participation in it.

*What are your blogging goals? I want to learn how to use my blog to market my photography and digital art.

*How do you spend your free time? I spend time with my partner of 24 years, writing, watching movies, gardening, and reading.

*Nominate 1-8 blogs that you feel deserve the award and provide links.


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35 thoughts on “The Make it Ultra Award

  1. Congrats Rob. Thank you so much for nominating me. I have recently accepted this award and did a post on it 😀 – I’m a lucky girl. I don’t know if it is right to accept it. I will figure something out. 🙂

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  2. Congrats to you, Rob and very well deserved! I was nominated for this award a little while ago. I will find a way though to let this nomination find it’s way into a post 😉

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      1. She lived there so I guess so. Maybe she still lives there? I say hi to her and she just stares at me. She doesn’t speak to anyone at the office. I gave her a ride one time because it was really hot. She said thank you. I rarely hear her speak.

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