Pleasant Notions Regarding the Life Cycle of Trees

Art by Rob Goldstein
Pleasant Notions Regarding the Life Cycle of Trees

Rings, counting, and just how long has this been here?

Feckless dawn, scent of tar, crushed horizons

A noon sun arrives in no particular sky at no particular time

Shimmering greens, scent of pine—

And all these dusty needles




Brian Eno
Another Day On Earth
Community Audio


Poem and Image by Rob Goldstein (c) 2016


9 thoughts on “Pleasant Notions Regarding the Life Cycle of Trees

  1. Thank you for visiting my website. Your words and art are vividly rich and inspiring–a beautiful reflection of your inner self. Your work reminds me of India which I once was privileged to visit: always surprising, always in superlatives. This is such a journey–finding our true inner selves! I am looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂


      1. Thank you.

        I’m finishing work I started years ago. I started the tree in 2011 and I found the poem this morning an old piece of notebook paper so I guess I drafted the poem in 1981 because most of the entries in the notebook have that date.

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