What Does the Establishment Pay Right Wing Media to Tell You to Hate Your Government?

Art by Rob Goldstein
Fox News: 1% News 99& Fear and Smear

There is an Establishment.

The last thing this Establishment wants is for you to feel empowered by our
Democracy to shape your government and it’s future.

It wants you to think that Capitalism and Democracy are the same thing;.

It doesn’t want you to have a visceral sense of your right to  your share of this
nation’s wealth.

Why do you have a right to a share of the wealth of your country?

Because you are a citizen of the United States of America.


Art by Rob Goldstein
We’ve earned our share.

The Establishment wants you to feel isolated, alienated and afraid.

It wants you to hate yourself and your neighbors and nothing pleases
it more than watching citizens gun each other down over nothing.

Mass shootings are a method of control.

So, how much does it pay to broadcast the Establishment’s daily message of
lies, disinformation, racist slurs,  character assassinations, capitalist dogma,
and fear?

Here is a short list of prominent right-wing (establishment) pundits and experts.

Rupert Murdoch
Net Worth: $11.4 Billion

Rush Limbaugh
Net Worth: $470 Million

 Glenn Beck ($90 million)  a Year
Right-wing political TV personality Glenn Beck earned $90 million this year.  His income stems from the network he started after leaving Fox News, The Blaze.

Matt Drudge
Net worth: $90 Million

Sean Hannity
Net Worth: $80 Million

Bill O’Reilly
Net Worth: $70 Million

Steve Bannon
Net Worth $41.0 million (Not fully verified)

Roger Ailes
Net Worth $25 Million

Megyn Kelly
Net Worth: $15 Million

Lou Dobbs
Net Worth: $10 Million

Ann Coulter
Net worth: $8.5 Million

Charles Krauthammer
Net Worth $8 MIllion

Newt Gingrich
Net Worth $7 Million

Mike Huckabee
Net Worth $5 Million

Michelle Malkin
Net Worth $3 Million


Art by Rob Goldstein
Image found on Twitter


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10 thoughts on “What Does the Establishment Pay Right Wing Media to Tell You to Hate Your Government?

    1. My life is so much better because Obama was president.

      Despite the the most ruthlessly opposition congressional republicans he managed to remind us that the government is ours, and that there is nothing wrong with pooling our money to fund health care.

      Thanks to Obama I and my partner have solid health care.

      I also find it hopeful that people are having this discussion. For almost two decades any discussion of a government that works for everyone was censured by the right as socialism.

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  1. Rob, this is excellent. As I went down the list, there was not one credible source of news or news commentary. I read Charles Krauthammer, but disagree far more than I agree with him. However, I defend him as he was one of the disabled reporters that Trump made fun of.

    I am reminded of the premise of the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Comes” where the news baron caused the news to happen, so as to be first. If you really want to make yourself sad watch John Oliver’s show of two weeks ago about the demise of news.

    Thanks, Keith

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