A Book You Should Read

A review of “I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Terrance Real, from Angry 1541 who writes about mental illness from a male perspective


I have been reading the book I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Terrance Real, which is about depression as experienced by men.   So far, about half way through, it’s an excellent book that proves to be very thought provoking.  As someone that suffers from depression, who has been in therapy for a while and done a lot of reading about it, this book still offered insights I had not had before.

Real writes in a easy, non-technical manner and overall it’s a quick read.  He peppers the book with real examples (although of course they are modified to protect real people).  These examples help the reader gain deeper insight into how we, as men, experience depression differently than the current ‘classical’ image of depression and from women.  Many of the examples have resulted in having ‘ah-ha’ moments and have brought to the surface things/topics I now want to discuss…

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