A Very Post-Modern Tweak

Strange Dream #22

A Noon Sun sets over Jamaica Plains as the F-Train rocks
its way to The Village.

I sit quietly with a large seductive bag between my knees
and survey the Burroughsian landscape.

Then I look up and check my companions:

To my left is the slave boy from The Satyricon and to my right
is Marnie from the Birds.

The woman across from me shoots a bright Diana Ross sort of smile.

The E-Train screams to a halt and I quickly sing my farewells.

RG 2015-2016




5 thoughts on “A Very Post-Modern Tweak

    1. These are great questions.

      If I had written this today I would have called it Flash Fiction.

      My conception of story telling was first influenced by Trout Fishing in American by Richard Brautigan. The book was either a book of poetry or a novel and what it was was entirely up to the reader’s point of view.

      I was not so much impressed with his poetry as was by the format that he used.

      I liked the idea of a story composed of independent pieces that stood alone or in conjunction with the rest of the story.

      This is part of a bigger piece called ‘Felicity in the Underworld’….


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