A digital abstract based on a photograph of paint smears in a pallete of red, blue and black

A Post-Modern Tweak

The Noon Sun sets over Jamaica Plains as the F-Train
rocks its way to The Village.

I sit quietly with a large seductive bag between
my knees and survey the Burroughsian landscape.

To my left is the slave boy from The Satyricon and
to my right is Marnie from the Birds.

The woman across from me shoots a bright Diana
sort of smile.

The E screams to a halt and I quickly sing my farewells.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2015-2016 All Rights Reserved




5 thoughts on “A Post-Modern Tweak

    1. These are great questions.

      If I had written this today I would have called it Flash Fiction.

      My conception of story telling was first influenced by Trout Fishing in American by Richard Brautigan. The book was either a book of poetry or a novel and what it was was entirely up to the reader’s point of view.

      I was not so much impressed with his poetry as was by the format that he used.

      I liked the idea of a story composed of independent pieces that stood alone or in conjunction with the rest of the story.

      This is part of a bigger piece called ‘Felicity in the Underworld’….


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