Art by Rob Goldstein

Ms. Congeniality

Joe is soft around the middle but that
doesn’t bother Pattie.

She nibbles some bits and scrolls
through the evening news:

“Today in an action reminiscent of the worst
excesses of the 1960’s, a feminist icon burst
into flames!”

“Oh me, oh my,” Patti sighs, “I’m so nuts and
so obnoxious!”

Joe watches T.V.

The Ms. America Pageant is ending;
Ms. Arkansas is crowned.

“I will use my beauty to heal the World!”
she sobs.

The audience goes wild with sincerity.

As Ms. Congeniality stalks across the stage to
snatch her check from the emcee,  Pattie
pulls a knife on Joe.

“You’re such a cynic I could kill you!” she says.

And she does.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved

Nina Hagen
New York / N.Y.
Community Audio




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