Warning: Reform Bill Could Add To Disparities in Judicial Sentences (Northpointe)

This is a fascinating study, and gives us another reason to vote the GOP out of office. We need a criminal justice system that works for all Americans.

Gronda Morin

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I was in the process of doing research as to why credible studies consistently demonstrate that minority defendants are much more likely to face incarceration and longer prison terms than non minority offenders for having committed similar legal infractions, when I came across a commonly utilized practice that explains in part this inequity. The courts have been resorting to software based on a defendants answers to a series of questions to determine the likelihood of their being a repeat offender. The most popular software is by “Northpointe.”

You would hope that there would have been studies conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this practice to avoid another layer of unfair bias against minority suspects but this was not to be. This is problematic because there is a landmark sentencing reform bill currently under consideration by the U.S. Congress to expand the usage of these assessments.

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Management at ProPublica, a legal publication decided to take on this task by analyzing this…

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