This is frightening and full of pain. It’s also beautifully written

Broke In Words

​There she kneels.

Shrouded by darkness.

With the weight of her misery,

Hanging her down.

Unable to look up and past the haze.

She fails to see a world beyond the present.

There she kneels.

With tears streaking down their well worn path.

The consequence of her life etched onto her palms.

Nails biting into skin in vain to change her destiny.

She gives into her fate.

There she lies.

On the tracks with rocks as her final pillow.

She makes herself comfortable.

She finally see’s the light.

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4 thoughts on “Defeated

  1. The last line seems to imply hope. This post triggered a memory. Many moons ago, I hired two fellows to build a deck on the front of my home. A year later, I heard one of them had experienced monetary and marital difficulties. Not to be too graphic, but he succumbed to a train suicide. So sad that sometimes no one can save us.


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