The Birth of the Princess Phone

The Birth of the Princess Phone

This post is for Br Andrew EFO. I promised him I’d post a photo of me at age 16.

This abstract above is based on the snapshot below:


Art by Rob Goldstein
Bobby, Age 16

I sport a Beatles haircut (fiercely lacquered into place) and a
groovy, mod wide lapel shirt with French cuffs.

I am 16 going on 17.

I don’t remember whose apartment that is but I know I was
 ‘out’ and running with the gay street kids of Charleston.

I call the abstract The Birth of the Princess Phone because one of my
nicknames on the street was Miss Bell Telephone.

As you can see, I’m on the phone.

This photo was shot after one my yearly stays in New York with
my Grandparents.

I got that shirt at a boutique in Forest Hills.

I’m dressed for an occasion.

I wonder if it was my 17th birthday?

RG (c) 2016

The Beatles
BirthdayThe Beatles Greatest Hits
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