The day you realize it never was you.

Are you a ‘truth teller’?

Lucky Otters Haven

“First you start to feel like maybe there never was anything wrong with you.  That perhaps the people you called family were just horrible human beings that foisted their nefarious motives on you.  They lied about you, about your worthlessness and your unlovableness and your hopeless loser life.  Lies!”

Katie, Dreams of a Better World Blog


I read somewhere (sorry, I can’t remember the source) that the “truth teller” who usually becomes the scapegoat of a narcissistic family, is actually the most mentally healthy family member, even if the family has everyone convinced that person is the craziest one.

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9 thoughts on “The day you realize it never was you.

  1. Dear Rob,

    It is always the person who refuses to go along with their lie or what they would like people outside the family unit, to believe. This takes someone who is very strong willed with a lot of strength. Those around you will hate you for showing any narcissist and their enablers, the mirror, what he/ or she or they really look like. At all costs, their lie cannot be exposed. They live in an alternate reality.

    It’s a scary world, Gronda

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      1. Well–it’s brainwashing.

        The problem is that they want to impose their alternate reality on people who haven’t shut themselves off from a fact based world.

        This makes them a kind so collective pathological narcissist.

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    1. Same here ..then one day I realized that pathological narcissists tyrannize their opposition into silence by making the truth tellers the identified patients.

      The odd thing about living in the States right now is seeing this craziness play itself out in our national politics.

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