We survive and continue

survivor road

fearful, abandoned, lost, alone
yesterday’s feelings still echo loudly
down the halls of my memory
emotions affixed to a point in time
so long ago
and yet
so recent

the fear is gone
replaced by anger and wrath
fury’s fire forever flaming forward

no longer abandoned
reclaimed by self
the adult shell
that covers the hiding place of the child

still lost, though no longer hopeless
I’ve learned to plot my course
on a day-by-day
sometimes step-by-step

and now surrounded
by so many peers
no longer alone

yet the loneliness is greater now
than ever before
and most likely
less than it will be

no longer speechless
or lost in situations for which no words
can exist
for such a young heart
I now have a voice
and I speak out the past
each word a driven nail
piercing the root
of old shadows

the greatest change being…

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Women’s Health Week Revisited – Diabetes and It Takes A Family by Author Linda Bethea RN

An interview with Linda Bethea

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine


This guest post is by Linda Bethea, who may be more familiar to you as Ibeth of Nutsrok blog and also the her new book Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad.

Linda had a long career as a nurse and worked with patients and their families who were undergoing dialysis. Working so closely with patients and their families provided Linda with the perfect opportunity to experience the impact family and friends made on a patients will to continue to fight the challenge of illness.

Diabetes statistics.

Some basic statistics on diabetes make for grim reading and these have been updated since last year with an alarming increase in numbers. There is an estimated 415 million people living with Diabetes worldwide. This does not include those that are currently pre-diabetic and at extremely high risk of developing disease. In the United States there are approximately 45 million diabetics and…

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Variations On a Theme

Art by Rob Goldstein
Variations on a Theme

Marriage of Figaro: Act II, Porgi amor (Soederstroem, Klemperer)
Elisabeth Soederstroem (s), Countess Almaviva (Rosina); New Philharmonia Orchestra, Otto Klemperer, cond.
EMI, recorded January 1970
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16 year old me for Robert Matthew Goldstein

Very Cool…A 16 Year-Old Brother Andrew

Br Andrew's Muses


A very poor image, a poloroid scaned into the computer -Taken when I was in year 11 because I left school at 17 and 9 months, in year 12. I am standing next to my Sister who I have cropped since she so dissapprove of my Being.

Behind me is the Baptist Sunday School where we went every Sunday. We  were living in the tiny town of Lawrence at the time- of 101 people.

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