My Policy Wish For USA, Part XII (Climate Change)

A Policy Wish List

Gronda Morin

CLIMATE CHANGE FLOOD 04SEALEVEL1-superJumbo South Carolina

I am just one of those American taxpayers who is realistic about the need for government in our lives and I just want it to work effectively, efficiently, and with accountability. The era of too many U.S. congressmen sitting back while obstructing any and all legislation that would lift the burdens of its peoples just to gain political points, has got to come to an end.

I can’t help but be persuaded that instead of all the finger pointing and political one up man ship games, those elected officials could have taken steps to mitigate all the devastation and heartache caused by numerous recent floods, power outages, loss of homes, businesses by actually serving the citizens who pay their salaries. The admittance of the reality of climate change and the necessity for preventative infrastructure investments would be a start. The naysayers have to be stopped from blocking the enactment of any and all plans designed to deal with…

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