I’m with you on this. I especially don’t understand how evangelicals can support this decadent little man who has spent his life pleasuring himself. The one thing a narcissist like Trump can’t do is hide what he is. The ONLY people who will support him are either enablers or other Narcissists.

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  1. When I hear ‘Make America Great Again’ I believe it’s code for ‘Make it alright to be bigoted and selfish again’. I think America is pretty great and I don’t need this buffoon telling me that it isn’t and that he can fix it. This is the man who decided Trump University and Trump Steaks were great ideas.

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  2. I don’t get it either. The fact that he’s been married three times and has five children, cheating on each wife, then moves on to the next. I hope for the sake of America this idiot does not get elected.

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      1. I didn’t realize how strongly I felt about American Democracy until Trump arrived.

        I don’t expect perfection from any human endeavor, but I do expect people to try to do the best they can—

        If Trump win so does the banality of evil.

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