Friends Don’t Let Friends … Vote For Trump

It’s all terrifying and real. A pox on the Republican Party for what it’s done to my country.

Filosofa's Word

More than once I have mentioned that our allies “across the pond” are horrified by and in fear of the mere thought of a Trump presidency.  How could they not be, when he has vowed to exit NATO and refuse to go to the aid of our allies until he had a chance to “look at the situation”, meaning make sure that they were not in debt to us at all, before committing aid?  His hatred, his racism, and now his immigration policies are all contrary to our good relations with the EU and others, notably Mexico.  But, while I had bits and pieces upon which to base this opinion, I stumbled across an article in der Spiegel, a German publication known for its serious and reliable investigative reporting, that confirmed everything I have been saying.  I don’t usually do this, but I am posting here the article from der…

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Open letter to those who choose to do nothing in the face of abuse.

I didn’t get to write my story of my childhood. Pedophiles wrote it. Other victims of all ages who are used, abused, sold, held hostage, had their stories stolen. The life they were meant to be living, they are not. They are now, we are now, trying to mend, mostly on our own, because society does not want to hear our stories. Society doesn’t want to know about rape in the military. Society doesn’t want to change laws or persecute/prosecute the criminals of these horrific crimes. Society doesn’t want to know about the mutilations that still happen to little girls. Society is made up of millions of little YOUS. Millions that are sitting back with your glass of wine, watching your flat screen tv, and doing NOTHING. You get the luxury of choosing to do nothing.

Ulla – Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

A beautiful tribute to Ulla

Walking After Midnight:

I hate to write this. And after many revisions, trying to articulate this clearly, I am just going to click “Publish,” and call it good. After one more read, then I will. And then one more.

Our Dear Ulla, a fellow bipolar blogger known as “Blahpolar,” who entertained us, saddened us, instructed us, inflamed us, embarrassed us, left us. She took her life, and now she’s gone.

I loved you right away, Ulla, loved reading your irreverent prose. The F bombs, the rants, the things we all want to say but can’t. The extremes of anger and sadness. I wanted to loosen my lips, but not THAT much. Being around it, I started to think it. I have no way to explain, only that it wasn’t good for me and the life I was trying to live. So I left off reading your daily blog. I tried reading you once…

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