A Few Seconds on Valencia Street plus a Blogging Tip

I have a new android that captures sweet moments like the
music of Valencia Street in front of the store that sells Trump piñatas.

There’s something Zen about standing in front of this store: a happy
little place where no one pretends that Trump is a healthy person
who deserves power.

I’ve learned a lesson in blogging this week that I will share:

If you’re going to make a list of bloggers that you admire be specific
about your reasons and the number of people.

My blogging is sometimes too spontaneous.

A post begins as a simple idea: I want to share a selfie because
it’s something I couldn’t do.

It then evolves into a gratitude post and I decide I want to honor
a few fellow bloggers, to be specific: bloggers who’ve followed
me from the beginning and a few new bloggers who deserve

Everything was going fine until I checked out Kitt O’Malley’s blog.

This was when I first learned that an important mental health
blogger was dead; and more shocking, from suicide.

I knew of Blahpolar, she was one of the first people I followed.

I didn’t follow her as closely as I do others but she was always
there and usually had something funny and tart to say.

The suicide of someone else with a chronic mental health
condition is frightening.

My dissociative response to intense emotion is confusion
and shutdown.

I finished my selfie post which had evolved into a post
about 9/11 and the positive action we might take
to honor our loss.

This lead to making a list of people who use their blogs for
positive change.

I read the list of names I’d gathered and worried about
who I was forgetting.

I hoped that people understood.

Under the best of circumstances, I can’t list everyone
I follow in a single post..

That may sound like bullshit but I don’t follow people
whose work doesn’t interest me or whose writing
is trite or negative.

I’m not always honest but I’m too lazy to lie.

So, here’s the deal: I screwed up and may have offended
some fine people.

I’m sorry.

I’ve learned from it.

In the future, I will be specific about why I am choosing
the blogs I list and I will limit the number of people I

Please know that I respect and value the work of everyone I follow.

I’m going to take a couple of days off because tomorrow I’m
getting a kitten.

That’s another small victory.


Rob Goldstein

18 thoughts on “A Few Seconds on Valencia Street plus a Blogging Tip

  1. Rob, I’m very sorry to hear about the death of Blahpolar. We become very close knitted communities here on WordPress and I often wonder why I’ve not seen or heard from a certain blogger for a while. In fact, I emailed one this week as I hadn’t seen any posts from her for a while and I just wanted to check she was okay. I’ve not heard back from her yet, but I did see some comments she left on FaceBook, so that helped a little.

    You need never apologise for not mentioning people. It’s just not possible to do. I’ve written a few posts where I’ve listed fellow bloggers and when anyone got upset that I had not mentioned them, I knew they were probably only blogging for themselves and nobody else. You certainly blog for your followers and that’s why you’ve built up such a great community here. Keep on being you.

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    1. Thank you, Hugh. You’re another blogger I admire and don’t read as much as I want to. I’m still working through these feelings of grief…not just for Blahpolar, but for myself and everyone else worries that the pain will become so unbearable that suicide seems the only option. I hope that in our darkest moments there is someone we can trust to remind us of love.


  2. Robert
    You don’t need to say you’re sorry. Seems petty that someone would even to you or someone else. You don’t need to explain why you list the blogs now or in future. That info is yours, you owe no explanation. Maybe the person or people were offended, they need to look to themselfs. When a post flows naturally you wrote what you thought that day. Sounds like someone needs validation or selfish. Blogging is a part of who we are, a hobby if you will, it’s not your world . People who support each other send a praise a shout out for the great sites you chose. I’m on a soap box, very tired, if I had to worry each time I mentioned a site or dedicated and someone had the nerve to truly get their feelings hurt, It would not be worth those type of fiend or walk away, I can’t let someone drive my car or be the back seat driver.
    I’m a nice person try help and be positive and real. If they are offended by the post and you apologize, what are they expecting next time.
    If you truly care Real World and this will add flame to fire, delete or post and say kiss off. To put it all quite nicely but living in reality.
    Thanks for letting me dump my thoughts in you lap.
    Have a great day, Gavin is unpacking and I’ll run our celebration post.

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    1. I guess I think it’s a sort of etiquette. Not that I’m responsible for how people respond to things If I had the concern before I posted that some people might feel left out then maybe that concern is based on an insight about human nature. Adults aren’t always emotionally adult.

      As adults we’re expected to control child-like reactions but as humans we’re not always good at it.

      Maybe the two or three people who might take offense are worth validating…because we all have our moments.And we all like to know that what we offer is valued.


  3. I know that you are conscientious, but please understand that finding your blog has done so much for me as a reader, and whatever lapse you perceive is unwarranted self-criticism.

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  4. Robert, we are getting from one thing into details and end up somewhere else at times… and you know what? That is what makes a post so personal. You let us be part of the flow of your thoughts and feelings. I love your post – not because you mentioned me – but because it was so heartfelt.
    All of our friends are wonderful. Everybody gives a piece of themselves here. I understand your feelings so well but also understand that it is not possible to mention everyone although they would deserve it. I don’t think you screwed up!
    Btw. that is the most motivating way to hit a pinata… lol!
    So happy for you getting that little fur ball!

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  5. Rob, first of all, I love your video and the pinatas. Second, I love your blog. And I think that sometimes you worry too much about how others take it. But those of us with mental health issues are more sensitive about things like that. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

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