Did You Know Bill Clinton Got AIDS from Magic Johnson?


A graffit sticker of Donald Trump with an anus for a mouth with 'Trump is a Racist' scrawled in pen
This  was once a sticker of Donald Trump with an anus for a mouth. Someone tore the mouth off and scrawled something in pen. I can’t make out what it says, Is Trump a racist or a fascist?

 Daily Show Reporter,  Jordan Klepper interviewed a basket of deplorables at a rally and learned that Bill Clinton got AIDS from Magic Johnson.

Below are a few of the ‘facts’ these people believe and their sources.

Why do so many Americans believe things that aren’t true?

I researched some of the news sources for what I heard in the interview and this is what I found.

President Obama is a Muslim Terrorist. and is funding Iranian terrorism.

The United States owed that money to Iran. The release of that money was part
of a separate negotiation. Snopes.com

A screenshot of a photo of President Obama with a caption that claims that the president is a terrorist.
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Washington Times Editorial: The fact the Obama/Hillary/Kerry sent billions in cash to the real Islamic State, Iran, is proof of everything I just said above. Where did he think they would spend that cash? Does he think they are going to strip clubs? No, the cash would be laundered, untraceable, to fund terror around the world from the largest state sponsor of terror, Iran.

Hillary Clinton has AIDS

A December 2015 book review in the political insider that suggests that Bill Clinton has AIDS
A screenshot of the a December 2015 story in Political Insider. It says that: “n their new book, Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love, the authors interview Clinton insiders who claim that Bill slept with so many women that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forced him to get an HIV test from the doctor. This is because the former President “favored unprotected sex.”

Hillary Clinton has a body double:

A screenshot of the search results from Google in response the the query "Does Hillary Clinton have a body double.
Can you believe this?

Obama was born in Kenya

A Newsmax article that implies Obama was born in Kenya
This Screenshot from a 2015 Newsmax article implies that Obama was born in Kenya. The interesting thing is that if you enlarge the image of the birth certificate it says he was born in Hawaii. The words looked fuzzy and Newsmax didn’t link to a full screen view so I enlarged the image so you can read it. Click to see it large then click the image. Even at its largest the words are fuzzy. Do you think Newsmax did that on purpose?

Jordan Klepper’s  interview is humor but there is nothing funny about this many dis-informed Americans.

The segment below is from the Sep 21, 2016 episode of the Daily Show.




26 thoughts on “Did You Know Bill Clinton Got AIDS from Magic Johnson?

      1. Intriguing. Just today my husband told me that the Cold War continues. Apparently now using social media to sow disinformation. People are gullible and do not adequately vet their sources. Why I like to use NIMH as a source re brain research.

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      2. It’s weird to see American news outlets brazenly lie.

        It’s even weirder to watch a nominee for President babble like a raging narcissist.

        It’s triggering too…

        Abuse survivors know what Trump and his followers are.

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  1. It definitely says, “Trump is a racist.”

    The “deplorables” believe insane conspiracy theories which validate their blind cognitive dissonance and sheer, mindless hate. Confirmation bias runs rampant…

    I came across a blog which shrieked, “Hillary Clinton is Satan, because she dyes her hair and wears pantsuits!” That same mindset apparently believes that the pantsuits are the sole cause of her recent bout with pneumonia…

    Talk about being nuttier than squirrel s#!t, no?

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    1. What I find the most distressing is that Trump has a clear strategy that involves dominating the media with idiocy which prevents us from discussing the important issues, like how he plans to run the country and which of the two has the kind of leadership skill and policies that will turn our nation around. I have never lived through an election cycle this dominated by sheer stupidity.

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      1. Sad, but true…everything the Drumpf does is designed to distract and divide people – and worse, it appears to be working.

        His strategy is based on Nixon, Wallace, and others of that ilk…and those who support him, who lived through those eras, are conveniently forgetting exactly what those times were like.

        “Take my country back” has sinister meanings, to me.


    1. I watched the interview twice…I paid close attention to the faces of the people as they spoke. I don’t think they believe what they are saying. I jthink that they are so racist that they would rather destroy the nation than have another black President.

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  2. Come on now. Everyone knows they faked that moon landing stuff in a Hollywood studio. Global warming is a hoax. The earth is 6,000 years old. The earth is flat and the sun goes around the earth.

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    1. It is genuinely deplorable that these people who have made themselves ignorant ad want to drag the rest of us down with them. In fact, there’s something sordid about it.

      LOL…Obama and his Time Machine of Liberal Darkness…


      1. I honestly feel bad for them. Many of them weren’t this way eight years ago, but during the Obama presidency they’ve been constantly bombarded with false information from fringe media outlets and a warped version of Christianity, and now there may be no way back for any of them, doomed forever to live in paranoia and fear. I hate their words and attitudes, but feel compassion for them and how they got to be what they are. They had no chance.

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      2. You are a better person than I am. I have no compassion for them. The amount of suffering their arrogance and ignorance has brought down on the heads of innocent people is devastating to consider. Hungry children, elderly people in the streets, Black people gunned down by racist cops, armed lunatics roam the streets cities where schools can no longer safely teach their children.

        90 percent of the loss of the quality of their lives is the result of hatreds that they know is irrational. The majority of them know that they are being lied to and they don’t care because it feeds their warped view of the world. I have no compassion for these people at all.


      3. I guarantee you that 10 years ago, these people wouldn’t have supported Trump. They’ve been so bombarded with false information as to become trapped in a perpetual delusion that keeps them forever angry, never thinking, and forever fearful. I’m incredibly angry with them, but my pity outweighs it.

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      4. I hear you…But it’s not like these folks don’t have access to alternate news outlets…And judging from the hate mongering and politically correct whining on Twitter over Hillary’s referral to them as ‘deplorable’ my guess is that they know how to use a search engine to verify news sources.

        I do understand your compassion.

        But I have spent most of the past forty years watching people suffer and die from right wing dominance of American politics.

        So, I’m sick of them. I’m sick of their corruption, I’m sick of paying the price for their greed with my soul and my health, I’m sick of not being able to access the resources I need to heal more quickly. I have seen and experienced too much pain to give them my compassion.

        What I do have for them is the pity I reserve for sociopaths. Sociopaths are a pathetic group of people.


    1. Trumpy’s followers have been having politically correct conniptions over Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables comment. But this kind of willful ignorance is deplorable.

      It is deplorable that so many of my fellow citizens not only choose to live in ignorance but insist on dragging the rest of the nation into an intellectual pig stye.

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  3. Can I just say these people scare the hell out of me. They actually breed. The questions about the tax write offs were a hoot. By hating the left so much, these people apparently have no common sense or intelligence either.

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    1. They don’t understand that politics at it’s healthiest is a blending of liberal and conservative ideas. The two parties are supposed to act as a check on each other. We can’t have a democracy without compromise. What these people are saying is that they either don’t want a democracy or they think that democracy is all about their freedom to say and do as they please regardless of the needs of other people.

      That’s cool in a relatively mono-racial culture that does not recognize the rights of gays and ethnic minorities.

      But American Democracy is a liberal democracy which is why these men and women have the right to vote.

      In the first years after the revolution the only people who had the right to vote were property owners.

      White men didn’t have the right to vote in all States until 1856.


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