An Autumn Trip With Ravi Shankar

An Autumn Trip With Ravi Shankar

A video made from short clips of Autumn leaves that I shot with my android. I processed the clip on my android and my PC.

I added a clip from a digitized 1967 recording of Ravi Shankar in New York
Found at the Internet Archives.

Ravi Shankar in New York
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Economic Inequality Needs to Be Alleviated

Excellent post!

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Economic inequality is one of the biggest problems facing America today. It pervades just about every aspect of our lives from birth and throughout our entire lives. Our economic, educational, health care and political systems have all been ravaged by the effects of having developed a society where the difference in wealth and income of those at the top and those at the bottom have been growing by leaps and bounds for years, even decades now. Many prominent economists and politicians have identified this as a situation in dire need of repair. President Obama has mentioned the issue of economic inequality on more than one occasion, along with calls for legislative action designed to rectify it and enable the vast majority of American workers to regain their economic well-being after years of stagnant wages and the loss of many good paying job opportunities.

Since the Reagan Administration, the bulk of…

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