To start the day …. “FIRST DEBATE …. from ‘Late Night’ shows perspective ….“!!

Great Wrap-up of the first debate

It Is What It Is


~~September 27, 2016~~ 



Over and done.

I felt apprehensive as I waited for the first debate, I must confess.

I watched the full 90 minutes.

By the time about 20 minutes had gone by, I was at peace, breathing much easier.

I knew what was going to happen.

He unraveled, she stood steadfast.

Yes, Secretary Clinton was the winner.

It’s not my judgement, it’s the ‘peoples’ judgement.

I have my choice.

It’s always interesting to see other people’s take.

When there’s humor, it’s even better.

Here are some late night shows’ perspective.




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3 thoughts on “To start the day …. “FIRST DEBATE …. from ‘Late Night’ shows perspective ….“!!

  1. He revealed himself and it showed how easily he could be rattled. If you cut through some of the stuff he said – he admitted he discriminated against African-Americans in the housing market, he admitted he rooted for the housing collapse so he could make money, he did not pay taxes in some years, he cannot explain his racist birther position and he showed women’s appearance matter more to him than substance. He also lied about his inane comments on climate change.

    What she needs to do more of his report what non-partisan economists and organizations concerned with the debt say – Trump’s economic plan would increase the debt by $5.3 trillion and cause a malaise or recession and hers would increase the debt by only $200 billion and be neutral to positive to the economy. Plus, the National Association for Business Economics rate her at 55% as the best candidate for the economy, with Trump coming in third at 14% behind Gary Johnson at 15%.

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    1. She did a great job…I did read that there is more evidence that Putin is funding internet trolls to post pro Trump disinfo and that he Russian operatives were behind the fake internet polls that showed Trump won the debate.


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