Flickr Wednesday: Poetry and Art from MichaeLynn Borich

MichaeLynn Borich are Michael and Lynn Borich, a couple who live in Springfield, Missouri.  Both are photographers who collaborate on the images they post to their Flickr account. .

Michael Borich is also an accomplished and published poet.

Their work was featured in a June 22nd Flickr Wednesday.

I asked MichaeLynn to let me present this most recent Flickr post as
a special feature and they agreed.


Nights in Paris


Nights in Paris

we were
too young,
two trying to
become one,
to disappear
into shadows
along the quay,
the Pont Neuf,
ripples of light
the water
became, last
two pigeons
that watched
us vanish, hand
in hand where
the path ahead
lay dark, where
city sounds,
night sounds,

Michael Borich (c) All rights reserved

Michael’s Book of Poems, Black Hawk Songs
is available on Amazon:


The Cover of Black Hawk Songs, a book of poems by Michael Borich
Black Hawk Songs is a 30 poem sequence about the famous chief of the Sauk and Fox tribe. They examine Black Hawk’s transformation from boy to warrior to chief to defeated, embittered old man.





9 thoughts on “Flickr Wednesday: Poetry and Art from MichaeLynn Borich

    1. Thank you so much for your Kind words Erika! Lynn has only let me post two photos of her on Flickr during the past 8 years, but Paris brings back good memories for both of us when we were first married and on our first great adventure together.

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    2. This is one of the things I love best about blogging. There are many good people doing extraordinary things…and living their lives with tolerance and love…

      I feel like I spread the good news when I share their work.

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      1. That is that magic over here and to me how the world should be! Sharing the individual gifts with each other and being appreciated for the difference everybody makes!

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